Association of Community Colleges Trustees
October 24th – October 27th
New York, NY

Charleston Vendor Summit
November 6th - November 9th
Charleston, SC

National Communication Association
November 8th - November 11th
Salt Lake City, UT

National Women’s Studies Association
November 8th - November 11th
Atlanta, GA

National Association for Music Education
November 11th - November 14th
Dallas, TX

American Society of Criminology
November 14th - November 17th
Atlanta, GA

American Anthropological Association
November 14th - November 18th
San Jose, CA

National Council of Teachers of English
November 15th - November 18th
Houston, TX

Middle East Studies Association
November 15th - November 18th
San Antonio, TX

American Academy of Religion
November 17th - November 20th
Denver, CO

African Studies Association
November 29th - December 1st
Atlanta, GA