Rowman & Littlefield is excited to announce the return of the Urban Institute Press in a new partnership.

An expanded selection of Urban Institute Press ’s backlist titles is available now.

Select backlist titles are once again available—for example, The Nonprofit Almanac 2012 by Katy Roeger, Amy Blackwood, and Sarah Pettijohn, Public Housing and the Legacy of Segregation by Margery Austin Turner, Susan J. Popkin, and Lynette A. Rawlings, and Performance Measurement: Getting Results , Second Edition, by Harry Hatry.

New books are intended to help disseminate Urban Institute’s expertise to the public policy and academic communities.

We have new titles and new editions forthcoming in 2016, including Sue Popkin’s firsthand account of the effort to transform public housing in Chicago, a third edition of Nonprofits and Government: Collaboration and Conflict by Elizabeth Boris and Gene Steuerle, a revised edition of Trial and Error in Criminal Justice Reform: Learning from Failure by Greg Berman and Aubrey Fox, and more.

Find all of the books here.

Browse the latest Urban Institute Press catalog online here.