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Standing Order Service
Our Standing Order Service is a great way to guarantee automatic shipment of our most popular recurring and series publications. It both ensures your favorite publications such as Chase’s Calendar of Events and ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States are shipped automatically as soon as a new edition comes out as well as avoiding interruption of your series.

How does it work?
Once you sign up for Standing Order Service on a particular publication (see below), you will receive each new edition automatically as soon as it is published, and your payment method that is on file with us will be charged. If your delivery address or payment method changes, you need to contact us to update it. You can cancel at any time by just contacting us.

How can you sign up?
To set up a Standing Order for any of our eligible recurring publications or for questions contact us:
Phone: 1 (800) 462-6420 ext 3025
Local: (717) 794-3808 ext 3025)

All orders from individuals must be prepaid

For which publications is Standing Order Service available?
Below is a list of top sellers that are available in the standing order service.

Business Statistics of the United States (Standing Order Plan code BNP014)
Chase’s Calendar of Events (Standing Order Plan code B-CCE)
Code of Federal Regulations (Based on title, contact us for further information)
County and City Extra (Standing Order Plan code BNP017)
Crime in the United States (Standing Order Plan code BNP018)
Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics (Standing Order Plan code BNP022)
Occupational Outlook Handbook (Standing Order Plan code BNP029 (Hardcover) & BNP031 (Paper)
ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the United States (Standing Order Plan code BNP044)
Social Security Handbook (Standing Order Plan code BNP034)
United States Government Manual (Standing Order Plan code BNP039)

Shipping charges apply and taxes where applicable. Sale terms subject to change.

Ebooks are not included in this offer. Ebooks can only be ordered online and are currently sold individually. Ebooks ordered through the R&L website are not intended for academic or library platforms. Please check with our eBook vendors for information on particular titles and usage here.