Journal of School Public Relations

Mission statement:
The Journal of School Public Relations is a quarterly publication providing research, analysis, case studies and descriptions of best practices in six critical areas of school administration: public relations, school and community relations, community education, communication, conflict management/resolution, and human resources management. Practitioners, policymakers, consultants and professors rely on the Journal for cutting-edge ideas and current knowledge. Articles are a blend of research and practice addressing contemporary issues ranging from passing bond referenda to building support for school programs to integrating modern information.

Published quarterly, annual subscription rates* are as follows:
Individual: $60
Institution: $99
*Outside the United States, add $25 for postage.

Ways to subscribe:
Call toll-free: 800-273-2223
Email: journals@rowman.com
For back-issues, please contact journals@rowman.com

Editorial Inquiries:
Susan Bon

Subscription inquiries:
ISSN: 0741-3653

Submission guidelines:
Manuscripts for publication consideration should be submitted electronically, via e-mail attachment, to Susan Bon, at BONS@mailbox.sc.edu and please copy the Associate Editor, Dr. Henry Tran tranhe@mailbo.sc.edu. Two copies of the manuscripts should be attached: a master copy including a title page and abstract, and a blind copy with the title page and abstract, but all other author-identifying information removed (including citations and references pertaining to any of the contributing authors’ works). Attachments should be in Microsoft Word.

Review process
Each manuscript is reviewed first by the editor or associate editor to determine fit with the mission stated above. If the manuscript is appropriate for this journal, it is then subjected to a double-blind review process and reviewed by two additional reviewers.

Manuscripts submitted to the journal should not have been published before in their current or substantially similar form, nor should they be under consideration for publication with another journal. Please carefully adhere to the submission criteria indicated below.

Manuscripts should adhere to the following criteria:

Double space with 1” margins and 12-point Times New Roman type.

Use specifications set forth in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.).

Title Page
Include the following information in the master copy of manuscript:
  1. Full title of the manuscript
  2. Name and affiliation of each author
  3. Address, country, zip or postal code, e-mail address, telephone number, and fax numbers of all authors
  4. Date of submission

Abstract Page
Type on a separate page and do not exceed 100 words; include in the blind version and master copy of the manuscript.

Author Biography
Submit a short paragraph at the end of the master copy of the manuscript relating the author’s occupation, education, and/or interests.

Insert page numbers as follows:
  1. Number all page except the title page
  2. Place page number (Arabic numerals) in the header (right justified).
  3. Include a short running title (no more than 50 characters) on each numbered page in the header prior to the page number.
Prepare table in the following manner:
  1. Type tables on separate pages.
  2. Number them consecutively (Arabic numerals).
  3. Each table must have a title.
  4. Indicate the approximate insertion point of each table in the manuscript by using parenthetical statements in the text, e.g. [insert Table 1 here].
  5. Tables must be sent in a separate file.
Prepare figures in the following manner:
  1. Material must be camera ready, in black and white only (no grayscale). No photos will be accepted.
  2. Reference, but do not insert, in the text.
  3. Summit each figure on a separate page.
  4. Number consecutively and provide titles.
  5. Indicate the approximate insertion point in the manuscript by using parenthetical statements, e.g., [insert Figure 1 here]; expect a 50% reduction in the size.
  6. Figures must be sent in a separate file.