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Main Editors
Elizabeth T Murakami, University of North Texas
Natalie Tran, California State University - Fullerton

Associate Editors
Denise Schares, University of Northern Iowa
Frank Hernandez, Southwest Methodist University
Daniel Choi, California State University - Fullerton
Bruce Barnett, University of Texas at San Antonio

Mission statement:
JSL invites the submission of manuscripts that promotes the exchange of ideas and scholarship about schools and leadership in education. All theoretical and methodological approaches are welcome. The editors advocate for non–biased approaches toward any mode of inquiry (e.g., qualitative vs. quantitative; empirical vs. conceptual; discipline-based vs. interdisciplinary) and encourage any methodologically sound research with the potential to contribute to further informing the craft of school leadership. As such, JSL embraces a broad conception of school leadership and welcomes manuscripts that reflect the diversity of ways in which this topic is understood. The journal is interested not only in manuscripts that focus on administrative leadership in schools and school districts, but also in manuscripts that inquire about teacher, student, parent, and community leadership. We strongly encourage authors to consider both the local and global implications of their work. Additionally, the journal is interested in manuscripts that explore the relationship between leadership and
  • teaching, curriculum and instruction
  • student learning, development and achievement
  • whole school renewal and change
  • equity, justice, spirituality, moral and ethical issues
  • social and cultural contexts of schooling
  • individual and institutional accountability
  • diversity with respect to race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and learning styles
  • law, finance, and personnel issues in education
  • the pre-service preparation and in-service professional development of educational leaders
  • libraries and information technology

Published bimonthly, annual subscription rates* are as follows:
  • Individual: $100
  • Institution: $295
*Outside the United States, add $25 for postage.

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Ways to subscribe:
Call: 800-273-2223

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Editorial Inquiries:
The Journal of School Leadership is currently housed at the University of North Texas. All submissions and inquiries should be sent to the co-editors, Dr. Elizabeth T Murakami and Dr Natalie Tran, or Kate Fowler, Assistant Editor at

Subscription inquiries:
ISSN: 1052-6846

Submission Guidelines:
  1. Manuscripts submitted for publication consideration should be sent electronically, via e-mail attachment, to the Editors, Journal of School Leadership, at Two (2) copies of the manuscript should be attached: a master copy, including a title page (see instructions below) and all citations and references, and a masked copy of the manuscript, with the title page and all other author identifying information removed (including citations and references pertaining to any of the contributing authors’ works). A cover letter should also be attached and should include (1) a declaration that the manuscript has not been published and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere and (2) a statement granting the Journal of School Leadership permission to publish the manuscript. Attachments should be in Microsoft Word format. Authors will receive e-mail acknowledgment of receipt of their manuscript within two weeks of submission. If confirmation is not received within this period, please contact the Assistant Editor at
  2. All manuscripts should be typed, double-spaced, and follow the style outlined in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
  3. Title Page. The title page should include the name and affiliation of each author as well as address, country, zip or postal code, e-mail address, and telephone/fax numbers. A short running title of no more than 50 characters should be provided and included as a right-justified header on each page of the manuscript.
  4. Abstract. Include an abstract of approximately 100 words.
  5. Keywords. Include five to eight key-words that identify the topic and/ or methodology used in the article.
  6. References. Literature references should be listed at the end of the manuscript, following the style in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
  7. Figures and Photographs. Figures must be black and white only (no grayscale). Photographs will not be accepted.
  8. Tables. Tables must be formatted as Word documents and submitted on separate pages from text pages, include a heading, and be numbered consecutively using Arabic numbers.
  9. Headings. Headings should appear as outlined in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.
  10. Length. The length of manuscripts is limited to 40 pages total. This includes the title page, abstract, manuscript text, references and any figures, tables, and appendices.

GENERAL: The Journal of School Leadership is not responsible for the views expressed by individual contributors in articles published in the journal.

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