American Society of Criminology
November 18th – November 21st
Washington, D.C.

American Anthropological Association
November 18th – November 22nd
Denver, CO

National Council of Teachers of English
November 19th - November 22nd
Minneapolis, MN

National Communication Association
November 19th - November 22nd
Las Vegas, NV

Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies
November 19th - November 22nd
Philadelphia, PA

African Studies Association
November 19th – November 22nd
San Diego, CA

University Council for Educational Administration
November 20th - November 23rd
San Diego, CA

Middle East Studies Association
November 21st - November 24th
Denver, CO

American Academy of Religion
November 21st – November 24th
Atlanta, GA

Association for Jewish Studies
December 13th - December 15th
Boston, MA