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Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy

A Book of History & Strategies

Edited by Dean Ritz


In these 70 essays, speeches, sermons and screeds, POCLADers probe: corporations as "legal persons"; corporate social responsibility as a ploy; strategies for amending state corporation codes and challenging judge-made laws; and much, much more.

This collection, which Howard Zinn calls "powerfully persuasive," chronicles POCLAD's evolution — among the twelve POCLADers and with thousands of activists. Here are hidden histories, crisp analyses and thoughtful responses to corporate apologists — all in one provocative book.

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Apex
Pages: 352
978-1-891843-10-5 • Paperback • June 2001 • $12.00 • (£7.95)