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Muslim Integration

Pluralism and Multiculturalism in New Zealand and Australia

Edited by Erich Kolig and Malcolm Voyce - Contributions by Tahir Abbas; Jan A. Ali; Ann Black; Selda Dagistanli; Abdullah Martin Drury; Christopher Houston; Lisa Siobhan Irving; Erich Kolig; Christopher Evan Longhurst; Adam Possamai; Joshua M. Roose; Banu Senay; William Shepard; Bryan S. Turner; Malcolm Voyce; Lisa Worthington and Arezou Zalipour

Muslim Integration: Pluralism and Multiculturalism in New Zealand and Australia, contributors from a range of backgrounds investigate the state of Muslim integration in New Zealand and Australia. The growing presence of a Muslim minority has invited these two Pacific settler states to closely consider the question of Muslim integration into Western society. This collection discusses the future of religio-cultural pluralism, multicultural policies, and the growing demands for greater emphasis on assimilation. Contributors examine issues such as parallel societies, Islamophobia, radicalization, tolerance, adaptation and mutual adjustment, legal pluralism, the role of mosque architecture, and media depictions of Muslims are examined. Recommended for scholars of anthropology, religious studies, sociology, and political science. « less more »
Lexington Books
Pages: 288Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4985-4353-8 • Hardback • October 2016 • $95.00 • (£65.00)
978-1-4985-4354-5 • eBook • October 2016 • $90.00 • (£60.00)
Erich Kolig is honorary fellow in religion at Otago University.

Malcolm Voyce is associate professor of law at Macquarie University.
Chapter 6: Islam’s History and Integration in New Zealand’s Society: A Convert’s View, Abdullah Martin Drury
Chapter 7: Integrating through Screen: the Muslim Diaspora in New Zealand, Arezou Zalipour
Chapter 8: Multiculturalism, Muslim Radicalism, and the Problematic of Muslim Integration in Australia, Jan Ali
Chapter 9: Creating Ethical Subjects? The Role of the Turkish State in Integrating Muslims in Australia, Christopher Houston and Banu Senay
Chapter 10: Teaching and Learning Halal Sex: Discussing Contrasting Values among Muslim among Young Adults in Australia, Lisa Siobhan Irving
Chapter 11: Islamic Inheritance and Sharia Wills: the Recognition of Muslim Inheritance Traditions in Australia, Malcolm Voyce, Selda Dagestanli, Adam Possamai, Joshua Roose, Bryan Turner, Lisa Worthington
12. Islamic Exceptionalism: Do the Religious and Legal Imperatives of Islam Necessitate Special Regimes in Secular Nations?, Ann Black
Kolig and Voyce have put together a stimulating set of reflections, studies, and analyses of one of today's most fraught challenges. The age of benign multiculturalism—that has subsumed real differentiation and regarded cultural and religious diversity as but a garnish to the dominant culture—is now challenged by the reality of accommodating deep diversity. How the Antipodes cope with Muslims and Islamic diversities is of significant interest, with global resonance.
Douglas Pratt, University of Waikato