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A Guide to Better Teaching

Skills, Advice, and Evaluation for College and University Professors

Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo

A Guide to Better Teaching is a self-help book that provides anyone teaching a college course with a thorough understanding of what it takes to be an effective teacher. Derived from the authors' extensive research, several interactive assessment tools are included that measure levels of effectiveness according to learner preferences. Each chapter is filled with detailed explanations, relevant stories, and action-driven tables that help them in understanding and applying skills. This book aims to enhance teaching skills by offering critical perspectives, practical suggestions, and techniques for improvement. Whether a new teacher, an adjunct faculty, or a seasoned professor, this comprehensive information can be used to analyze effectiveness or the effectiveness of others. The suggestions and the assessment tools are applicable to the entire spectrum of organizational leaders and managers, in education, government or industry whose work requires giving presentations or communicating in a public forum.

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 328Size: 6 3/8 x 9 1/2
978-1-4422-0892-6 • Hardback • November 2011 • $63.00 • (£42.95)
978-1-4422-0894-0 • eBook • December 2011 • $62.99 • (£42.95)
Leila Jahangiri, a graduate of King's College, London, and Harvard University, is an active clinician, researcher, and teacher. Her scholarly focus and passion is for effective teaching and innovative curriculum development. For the past 10 years, as chair of a large department at New York University College of Dentistry, she has made significant strides to develop faculty in utilizing multiple strategies to optimize teaching. Always looking for novel opportunities, she met and began collaborating with
Tom Mucciolo is a presentation skills consultant, leadership advisor, and president of MediaNet. Tom is the coauthor of five books, a sought-after keynote speaker, and a recognized industry expert regarding visual communications. Since 1985, high-profile communicators, including corporate leaders, politicians, media personalities, as well as those at any organizational level demand his coaching expertise. In 2005, Tom joined New York University as an adjunct faculty member. The authors' collaboration is a culmination of a vast research study. They share a common goal of finding ways to help teachers teach better, leaders lead better, and in the process, allow teachers to become leaders.

Chapter 1: From a Learner's Perspective
The Effective Teacher
Who Should Assess
Learner Preferences
Effective Teachers and the Learning Process
Getting to Know You

Chapter 2: The Science Behind the Scenes
Preferences of Different Learners
Categorizing Preferences
A Self-Assessment Method

Chapter 3: Personality
Personal Appearance
Personality Summary and Strategy

Chapter 4: Process
Content Organization
Content Development
Content Design
Additional Sense Stimulation
Process Summary and Strategy

Chapter 5: Performance
Body Language Style
Speaking Style
Performance Summary and Strategy

Chapter 6: Skills Assessment Tools
Applying Science in Design
Forms of Measurement
Assess Yourself
Interactive Electronic Assessments
Understanding the Electronic Analysis
Understanding Learners
Applying the Results
Audience Evaluation Tools
Toward Triangulation
Track Your Progress


Closing the teaching, learning and knowledge gap is at the very essence of A Guide to Better Teaching: Skills, Advice, and Evaluation for College and University Professors. This well-written and researched book not only applies to academia, but to the business community. To survive and thrive in the era of change we need to train and develop our people. This book will become your most important guide to helping you influence workplace understanding and knowledge through better teaching.
Lee Hornick, program director, The Conference Board; president, Business Communications Worldwide, Inc.

Bravo, Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo for this practical, insightful guide for teaching us—the 'teachers'—how to develop a learners’ perspective. Your book is helpful on many levels. Your years of research and the addition of easy-to-follow tools reinforce your premise that teaching, leadership, training and public speaking have many overlapping skills. By analyzing opportunities for improvement in the areas of perspective, skills and assessment, you have provided a personal and professional development bible for college and university professors at all levels. This seasoned professor will keep the book on top of my desk.
Barbara W. Puffer, 2011 Faculty Recognition Award, University of Maryland University College

Jahangiri and Mucciolo have written an accessible, comprehensive, and practical guide for anyone who teachers. Whether the reader is a new teacher or a seasoned professional, he or she will find valuable ideas for improving teaching practices and learning outcomes. A Guide to Better Teaching is not simply a one-time read to explore effective teaching, but serves as a career reference from which one can gain new insights time and time again.
N. Karl Haden, president, Academy for Academic Leadership

If you desire to become a better teacher or trainer, I highly recommend you add A Guide to Better Teaching to your professional toolkit. Leila Jahangiri and Tom Mucciolo have managed to synthesize multiple points of insight on effective teaching into a valuable and informative read. Their assessment methodology is particularly unique and can offer clear direction to those wishing to improve their overall presentation effectiveness.
Daniele Joudene, vice president, PECI

Jahangiri and Mucciolo base their suggestions and recommendation not only on their experience, but also on research, identifying the barriers to overcome in educational interactions, while providing the best and most enjoyable experience for both the teacher and learner. The style of writing and the use of vignettes make this book a very enjoyable read and extremely instructive. The value and benefits that can be gained by reading this book will not only help teachers at colleges and universities, but by all those who want to continually improve their skills at interacting with learners.
Paul M. O'Byrne, EJ Moran Campbell Professor and Chair, McMaster University