Studies in Dialectical Theology
In the conviction that the world needs a renewed and revitalized dialectical approach to theology—one attentive to the breadth of its origins, the depth of its insights, and the height of the challenges facing us today in our post-Christian, globalized, pluralistic society—this series invites monographs that nuance and broaden our historical understanding of dialectical theology and constructively explore new possibilities in it. While the editors welcome historical and/or exegetical monographs that engage the key figures and texts associated with this theological movement, we are especially interested in projects that draw on these past resources to address the special concerns and demands of the present situation, potentially including queer dialectical theology, dialectical theology and disability, the German church struggle and Christian resistance today, dialectical engagement with settler colonialism, a renewed dialectical secular theology, and many others.

Editor(s): David W. Congdon ( and W. Travis McMaken (
Advisory Board: Faye Bodley-Dangelo, Raymond Carr, Christophe Chalamet, Cambria Kaltwasser, Paul Nimmo, Hanna Reichel
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