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The Taylor Trade Publishing program consists of an award-winning list of books on gardening, health, history, family issues, sports, entertainment, nature, field guides, house and home, and children's titles. While many of our titles are of general interest, Taylor books also have a strong regional presence from the Mississippi west to California, and from Texas north to the Canada border. Alongside our general gardening books, for example, can be found more specific guides that address the particular needs of your region. Republic of Texas Press books celebrate the history, folklore, and popular culture of the Lone Star State. Have a favorite team? Taylor's sports books take you behind the scenes and into the lore of the teams we love to love, from the Packers to the Mets.

Imprints of Taylor Trade include M. Evans, The Derrydale Press, Cooper Square Press, Roberts Rinehart Publishers, Moonlight Publishing, Madison Books, Architectural Book Publishing Company, Addax Publishing, Diamond Communications, Gulf Publishing, Vestal Publishing, Bridge Works Publishing, and Republic of Texas Press.