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Rowman & Littlefield produces high-quality college texts, entertaining and informative books for general readers, and professional and scholarly books throughout the humanities and social sciences.


March 2015 • Selected New Titles


Parties and Elections

The Surge: 2014's Big GOP Win and What It Means for the Next Presidential Election edited by Larry Sabato

After Hope and Change: The 2012 Elections and American Politics, Post 2014 Election Update by James W. Ceaser, Andrew E. Busch, and John J. Pitney



Archaeology Hotspot Great Britain: Unearthing the Past for Armchair Archaeologists by Donald Henson



A Book about the Film Monty Python and the Holy Grail: All the References from African Swallows to Zoot by Darl Larsen

The Clint Eastwood Westerns by James L. Neibaur

Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll: The Rise of America’s 1960s Counterculture by Robert C. Cottrell



A Toolkit for Department Chairs by Jeffrey L. Buller and Robert E. Cipriano

The "How To" Grants Manual: Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants, 8th Edition by David G. Bauer