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Rowman & Littlefield published high-quality, peer-reviewed supplemental and core textbooks in the Humanities and Social Sciences for upper-undergraduate and graduate students. Browse our texts here.

We offer examination copies of our textbooks. Many of our titles are available as free examination copies or as e-exams. For titles that are not earmarked as a free exam, we will give careful consideration to each request. Please note that we allow a maximum of 3 titles to be examined.

Ordering e-exam copies:
We now offer e-exams of our textbooks which can be accessed within the next business day. Click here to preview our texts online or download an Adobe Reader or ePub file for a 60-day period. Another way to order an e-exam copy is to search for books on our website. You can then click on the e-exam button on individual book pages.

Ordering printed exam copies:
To request a free exam copy, go to the individual book page and click on the Request a Free Exam Copy button. Printed exam copy orders are fulfilled within 7-10 business days.

Ordering printed exam copies not in our textbook program:
If the book you would like to review is not available as a free exam, click here to make your request. We will contact you within the next business day.

Ordering desk copies:
If you have adopted a textbook for your course, click here to order your complimentary desk copy. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

Booksellers, find our guide to Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 new edition releases here.

Other questions:
If you have a specific question that does not pertain to a desk or exam copy request, please email textbooks@rowman.com.

Accessing Teaching Resource Materials:
To gain access to special links and materials that are for professors' use only contact textbooks@rowman.com for instructions on registering for an account.