Rowman & Littlefield Acquires McBooks Press | Rowman & Littlefield
The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc. announced today that it has acquired the independent book publisher, McBooks Press, of Ithaca, NY. The stock transaction closed March 15, 2019.

McBooks Press is a 39-year-old publisher specializing in nautical fiction. It publishes such well-known historical fiction writers as Douglas Reeman (Alexander Kent), Julian Stockwin, Dudley Pope, John Biggins, and Dewey Lambdin.

McBooks was founded by Alex Skutt as an offshoot of his independent bookstore of the same name. His partner, Panda Musgrove, joined the firm in 2005. “We work hard and—at the age of 70— it’s time for me to retire” said Alex Skutt. “Panda Musgrove and I are delighted that Jed Lyons and his very impressive crew will be taking over McBooks Press, Inc. I have always had the greatest respect for Jed.”

Tom McCarthy, editor at Rowman & Littlefield’s Lyons Press imprint, will now oversee the program. McCarthy spent four years as an editor at International Marine in Camden, ME where he acquired nautical titles.

National Book Network (NBN), whose parent company is Rowman & Littlefield, will assume all physical and eBook distribution on May 1, 2019. McBooks was a distribution client of NBN for five years prior to moving to Independent Publisher Group (IPG) in 2007.

Jed Lyons, Group President and CEO of Rowman & Littlefield, said: “We are delighted to carry on the legacy of such an impressive list of historical nautical fiction. We look forward to using Rowman & Littlefield’s additional publishing and marketing resources to further grow this storied program.”

Alex Skutt summed-up part of the spirit of McBooks Press this way: “I joined the book industry over forty-five years ago when I opened McBooks bookstore with two friends. The bookselling spirit is still in me. I was always glad to provide a book recommendation when an intrepid sea-stories fan made his way to our unmarked Ithaca, NY, editorial office. I’m still eager to respond to the question, 'I just finished the 28-book Alexander Kent Bolitho series. What should I read next?’"

Rowman & Littlefield will help give this answer to a next generation of nautical fiction readers.

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