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EDITORIAL – Rowman & Littlefield

Julie E. Kirsch
Senior Vice President and Publisher 
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5309 


Jonathan Sisk 
Vice President and Senior Executive Acquisitions Editor for Political Science, American Government and Public Policy, American History, Brookings Institution Press
(301) 731-9542


Richard Brown

Senior Executive Acquisitions Editor of Religion and Spirituality

(301) 459-3366 ext 431

Charles Harmon
Senior Executive Acquisitions Editor for Library and Information Science Textbooks, Archival Studies Textbooks, Fine Arts, and Museum Studies
(212) 529-3888 ext. 305


Carrie Brandon

Executive Acquisitions Editor, K-12 Education Professional Program

(301) 459-3366 ext 3591

Nathan Davidson

Executive Acquisitions Editor, Education

(301) 459-3366 ext 3551

Ashley Dodge
Executive Acquisitions Editor for International and World History, African Studies, Asian Studies, Slavic Studies, European and Middle Eastern Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5011

Jonathan Joyce
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Psychology and Counseling
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5254

Jacqueline Flynn
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Business, Self-Help, Health, and Family and Relationships
(301) 459-3366 ext. 4512

Christen Karniski
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Sports and Recreation, Parenting, Literary Studies, and Young Adult Nonfiction
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5604

Michael Kerns
Executive Acquisitions Editor for International Relations and Geography
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5410

Natalie Mandziuk
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Communication and Media Studies, Philosophy, and Critical Thinking 
(614) 526-9905

Alyssa Palazzo
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Sociology and Anthropology
(301) 459-3366 X5025

Deni Remsberg
Associate Managing Editor for Environment/Green Living, Food Studies, and TV and Film
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5622

Becca Rohde Beurer 
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Criminology, Criminal Justice, and Legal Studies 
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5325 

April Snider 
Acquisitions Editor for Career Guides, Significant Figures in World History Encyclopedias, and Historical Dictionaries
(717) 794-3800 ext. 3557 

Erinn Slanina
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Archaeology, Library and Information Science Professional Books and Monographs, Archival Studies Professional Books and Monographs 
(212) 529-3888 ext. 302

Michael Tan 
Acquisitions Editor for Music, Theatre, Latin American Studies, and Conflict Resolution
(212) 529-3888 ext. 301 

Elizabeth Von Buhr

Associate Acquisitions Editor for International Relations and Geography - Monographs and Textbooks

(301) 459-3366 ext 5508


Laney Ackley

Assistant Editor to Ashley Dodge

(301) 459-3366 ext 5333

Hannah Eveland

Assistant Editor to Michael Kerns and Alyssa Palazzo

(301) 459-3366 ext 5623

Jasmine Holman

Assistant Editor to Carrie Brandon and April Snider

(301) 459-3366 ext 5427

Mikayla Lindsay

Assistant Editor to Jonathan Sisk

(301) 459-3366 ext 5206

Lauren Moynihan

Assistant Editor to Charles Harmon
(301) 459-3366 ext 5327

Yu Ozaki

Assistant Editor to Natalie Mandziuk
(301) 459-3366 ext 5334

Hollis Peterson

Assistant Editor to Michael Tan and Nathan Davidson

(301) 459-3366 ext 5632

Sarah Rinehart

Assistant Editor to Jonathan Joyce and Becca Beurer

(301) 459-3366 ext 5628

Victoria Shi

Assistant Editor to Richard Brown and Jacqueline Flynn

(301) 459-3366 ext 5525

Joanna Wattenberg

Assistant Editor to Christen Karniski

(301) 459-3366 ext 5201


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