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Rights and Permissions

Clare Cox
Rights & Permissions Director

Patricia Zline
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5420

Textbook and Exam Copy Inquires
Toll free: (800) 273-5720

General questions regarding Review copies, email

(717) 794-3800


Jed Lyons
President and CEO

Robert Marsh
Chief Operating Officer

Michael Lippenholz
Chief Financial Officer

Oliver Gadsby
President, Academic and Professional Division of Rowman & Littlefield
President and CEO of Rowman & Littlefield International

Julie Kirsch
Vice President/Publisher Lexington Books and Hamilton Books

Jason Brockwell
President, National Book Network

Stephen Driver
VP, Production

Paul Konowitch
President and CEO, Sundance Newbridge

Jacqueline Hicks
Sr. Executive Assistant


Please submit your proposal to just one editor. If your project is not a fit for him/her, it will be forwarded internally to the appropriate editor.

If you are trying to reach editorial for Down East Books, Falcon Guides, Globe Pequot, Gooseberry Patch, Lyons Press, Stackpole Books, Taylor Trade Publishing, and TwoDot Books please refer to the contact list below.

Down East Books: editorial
Falcon Guides:
Globe Pequot:
Gooseberry Patch:
Lyons Press:
Stackpole Books:
Taylor Trade Publishing: editorial
TwoDot Books: editorial

Editorial – Academic and Professional Division, Rowman & Littlefield

Linda Ganster
Editorial Director, Academic & Professional Division, Rowman & Littlefield
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366

Susan McEachern
Vice President and Senior Executive Acquisitions Editor for Geography, World History, and International Relations and Area Studies
Boulder phone: (303) 543-7835 ext. 301

Jonathan Sisk
Vice President and Senior Executive Acquisitions Editor for American Government, Public Policy, and American History
Lanham phone: (301) 731-9542

Traci M. Crowell
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Political Science Textbooks
Phone: (781) 821-2030

Charles Harmon
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Library and Information Science, Archival Studies, and Museum Studies
New York phone: (212) 529-3888 ext. 305

Rolf Janke
Executive Editor for Religion and Sociology

Mark Kerr
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Education & Psychology, Higher Education Textbooks
Phone: (415) 238-1728

Nancy E. Roberts
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Sociology Textbooks and for Anthropology, Archaeology, and Women’s Studies
Phone: (201) 383-0229

Suzanne Staszak-Silva
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Health, Psychology, Family and Relationships, Sexuality, Self-Help, Food Studies, Lifestyle, Business, and Green Living/Environment
Phone: (908) 232-0113

Elizabeth P. Swayze
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Communication and Media Studies
Phone: (978) 897-2789

Stephen Ryan
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Arts and Literature, Film, Television, Theatre, Radio, Popular Culture, and Young Adult Non-Fiction
It Happened to Me Series: The Ultimate Teen Guide
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5323

Dhara Snowden
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Politics, International Relations and Security Studies
London phone: +44 (0) 1752 202 362

Kathryn Knigge
Managing Editor and Associate Acquisitions Editor for Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Military Life
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5324

Christen Karniski
Acquisitions Editor for Sports and Recreation
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5604

Natalie Mandziuk
Acquisitions Editor for Music and Philosophy
Phone: (614) 389-0009

April Snider
Acquisitions Editor for Career Guides, Significant Figures in World History Encyclopedias, and Historical Dictionaries
Phone: (717) 794-3800 ext. 3557

Katie O'Brien
Associate Editor for Counseling and Social Work
New York phone: (212) 529-3888 ext. 302

Katelyn Turner
Editorial Assistant to Susan McEachern
Boulder phone: (303) 543-7835 ext. 323

Kate Powers
Assistant Editor to Jonathan Sisk
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5308

Mary Malley
Assistant Editor to Traci M. Crowell and Suzanne Staszak-Silva
New York phone: (212) 529-3888 ext. 304

Megan Manzano
Assistant Editor to Nancy E. Roberts and Elizabeth Swayze
New York phone: (212) 529-3888 ext. 303

Courtney Packard
Editorial Assistant to Rolf Janke and Mark Kerr
Boulder phone: (303) 543-7835 ext. 310

Deni Remsberg
Editorial Assistant to Stephen Ryan and Christen Karniski
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5622

Michael Tan
Editorial Assistant to Charles Harmon and Natalie Mandziuk
New York phone: (212) 529-3888 ext. 301

John Wright
Editorial Assistant to Kathryn Knigge

Education Department:

Tom Koerner, Ph.D.
Vice President and Publisher for Education Issues
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5315

Sarah Jubar
Acquisitions Editor for Education
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5312

Carlie Wall
Managing Editor
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5330

Emily Tuttle
Assistant Editor to Tom Koerner, Sarah Jubar, and Carlie Wall
Lanham phone: (301) 459-3366 ext. 5327

Editorial - Lexington Books

Julie E. Kirsch
Vice President/Publisher
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5309

Nicolette Amstutz
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Media, Film, Communication, and Rhetorical Studies and Latin American Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5514

Kasey Beduhn
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Anthropology, Psychology, and Geography
(608) 467-3929

Holly Buchanan
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Middle Eastern Studies and Education
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5611

Neil Elliott, PhD, Fortress Academic
Senior Acquisitions Editor, Biblical Studies, Christian Theology, History, and Ethics
(612) 888-4076

Michael Gibson
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Religion, Jewish Studies and Environmental Studies
(803) 999-6498

Jana Hodges-Kluck
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Philosophy, Classical Studies, and Linguistics
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5329

Eric Kuntzman
Acquisitions Editor for History, Asian Studies and Slavic Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5623

Judith Lakamper, PhD
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Cultural Studies and Gender Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5318

Courtney Morales
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Sociology and Music
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5303

Joseph Parry
Senior Acquisitions Editor, International/World Politics, Political Theory, Economics, and Security Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5526

Emily Roderick
Acquisitions Editor for American Government, Public Policy, Legal Studies, and African Studies
(717) 584-1332

Becca Rohde
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Criminology and Assistant to Julie Kirsch
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5325

Jessica Thwaite
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Literary Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5328

Trevor Crowell, PhD
Assistant Editor to Jana Hodges-Kluck
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5501

Alison Keefner
Assistant Editor to Emily Roderick and Kasey Beduhn
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5631

Bryndee Ryan
Assistant Editor to Joseph Parry
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5305

Gayla Freeman
Assistant Editor to Neil Elliot
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5702

Jessica Tepper
Assistant Editor to Nicolette Amstutz
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5320

Ellen McDaniel
Assistant Editor to Eric Kuntzman
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5321

Editorial – Bernan Press

Mary Meghan Ryan
Senior Research Editor
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5720

Holly McGuire
Senior Editor
(773) 680-1275

Editorial – Stackpole Books, Down East Books, Two Dot and Globe Pequot

Judith Schnell
31 East Main Street, PO Box 90
New Kingstown, PA 17072
(717) 590-8974


Karen Allman
Vice President, Sales and Marketing
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5006

Hallie Barnes
Associate Marketing Manager
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5515

Karin Cholak
Senior Marketing Manager
(212) 529-3888 ext. 313

Veronica Dove
Senior Marketing Manager
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5716

Kicheko Driggins
Online Marketing Manager
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5632

Jared Hughes
Senior Library Marketing Manager
Rowman & Littlefield
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5608

Kim Lyons
Senior Marketing Manager
Rowman & Littlefield
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5602

Jonathan Raeder
Marketing Manager
Lexington Books
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5332

Dean Roxanis
Business Manager, Marketing
Rowman & Littlefield
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5614

Lindsey Reinstrom
Marketing Manager
Rowman & Littlefield
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5517


Publicity and Media Queries

General questions regarding review copies, email


Jessica Wetzel
Convention Manager
(717) 794-3800 ext. 3642

Special Sales

Customer Service
15200 NBN Way
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Sean McDonagh
Tel: +44 (0) 1752 202382

Catherine de Mello

Review our entire International Sales contact list here

Human Resources

Rob McCreadie
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5007

Customer Service & Royalties

Carla Quental
Vice President of Customer Service, RLPG
(717) 794-3808

Distribution Center

Mike Cornell
Vice President of Operations, Blue Ridge Summit
(717) 794-3813