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Sam Caggiula

Publicity Manager, Rowman & Littlefield

(301) 459-3366 ext. 5628


Kalen R. Landow

Taylor Trade and Down East Publishing and Marketing

303-543-7835 ext. 319


Elaine Schleiffer

Publicity and Advertising, Rowman & Littlefield

(301) 459-3366 ext. 5619


Jacqline Barnes

Publicity Assistant

(301) 459-3366 ext. 5515


Candace Johnson

Publicity Assistant

(301) 459-3366 ext. 5314


Review copies are available to genuine review editors and reviewers. Copies will be sent to relevant and recognized publications entirely at the publisher's discretion. For any questions regarding review copies, please email with your name, affiliation, and all contact information.

For textbook examination or desk copy requests please email