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Editorial - Lexington Books

Nicolette Amstutz
Director of Editorial
Senior Acquisitions Editor for Rhetoric
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5514


Holly Buchanan
Senior Acquisitions Editor for World History and Literary Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5611

Deanna Biondi
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Continental Philosophy and Education
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5312

Anna Debiec
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Legal Studies and American Government
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5033

Ryan Dradzynski
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Sociology and Criminology
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5415

Jana Hodges-Kluck
Executive Acquisitions Editor for Philosophy and Classical Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5329

Judith Lakamper, PhD
Acquisitions Editor for Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, and Jewish Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 3126

Mark López
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5303

Jasper Mislak
Associate Acquisitions Editor for Slavic Studies, Linguistics, and Psychology
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5313

Courtney Morales
Acquisitions Editor for Music, Environmental Studies, Anthropology, and Sociology
(Emphasis on Social Theory, Social Movements and Justice, Activism, Inequality, and Environmental Sociology)
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5305

Joseph Parry
Executive Acquisitions Editor for International/World Politics, Political Theory, Economics, and Security Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5526

Jessie Tepper
Acquisitions Editor for Communication, Film, Television, and Media Studies
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5320

Megan White
Acquisitions Editor for Religion and Fortress Academic
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5717

Sydney Williams
Acquisitions Editor for African and Africana Studies, US History, and Geography
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5328

Breasia Boyd
Assistant Editor to Courtney Morales
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5618

Tara Donovan
Assistant Editor to Megan White
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5615

Madeline Jenkins
Assistant Editor to Jasper Mislak
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5432

Lauran Jones
Assistant Editor to Jana Hodges-Kluck
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5315

Kirby Peter
Assistant Editor to Jessie Tepper 
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5614

Emilia Rivera
Assistant Editor to Sydney Wedbush 
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5413

Lauren Robitaille
Assistant Editor to Holly Buchanan
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5501

Phylicia Walker
Assistant Editor to Judith Lakamper
(301) 459-3366 ext. 5623


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