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Hamilton Books Submission Guidelines
If you’d like to publish a book with Hamilton Books, please send us a full proposal. Please keep in mind that a finished book manuscript must be a minimum of 40,000 words.

Your proposal should include the following:

  1. A prospectus that includes:

  • The proposed title of the book and the author(s) or editor(s) name(s) and current affiliation(s).
  • A description of the book, what makes it unique, and why you are qualified to write it.
  • If you are proposing a contributed volume, please include titles, affiliations, and brief resumes for each of the contributors.
  • A description of your target audience. If you are a professor or instructor, will you be using the book is the classroom? If so, what is your annual enrollment in the class(es) in which you will use the book?
  • An analysis of competing or similar books (including publishers and dates).
  • An indication of whether any part of your manuscript has been published previously. If so, please give details about how much of the manuscript has been previously published (even if you’ve now revised the text for inclusion in your book) and where.
  • The length of the manuscript in 12-point double-spaced type on 8 ½” by 11” pages with 1” margins, and an estimate of the number of tables, graphs, photographs, or line art the project would include (if any).
  • If the manuscript is not complete, an estimation of when it will be finished.
  • An indication of whether the manuscript is under consideration by other publishers.

  1. A detailed table of contents.
  2. One or two sample chapters (do not send the entire manuscript).
  3. Your current resume or curriculum vitae, including a list of previous publicati

To submit by email (preferred): Send an email to submithamilton@rowman.com and attach your proposal materials as Word documents or PDF files.

To submit by mail: Send your proposal to -

Acquisitions Department, Hamilton Books
4501 Forbes Blvd, Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706

We will not return any proposal materials. Do not send us your only copy of your manuscript, any photographs, or any other irreplaceable materials. Even if you submit by regular mail, you must be able to communicate with Hamilton Books by email to publish with us.

We will acknowledge receipt of your proposal and let you know whether we need any additional information within a week of your initial submission. Once we have a full proposal in hand, our acquisitions editor will review your proposal within 2-3 weeks and present it to our editorial board.