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The Revised Standard Edition
of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud
Original Translation by James Strachey
Revised, supplemented and edited by Mark Solms
24-Volume Set • June 2024
ISBN 978-1-5381-7516-3 • $1,950.00

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  • New Freud material, including 56 notes, essays, and letters, some that have never before been translated into English until this edition. They reveal new insights into Freud’s views on such topics as homosexuality and religion
  • New content underlined to identify changes to the Standard Edition, including corrections of mistakes in the original translation as well as new, clearer translations of many passages
  • New annotations in the margins providing the original German technical terms
  • New and updated editorial material and translation notes
  • New glossary concerning the translation of all key terms
  • New photographic illustrations
  • New and massively expanded Freud bibliography
  • Entirely new 24th volume, including a comprehensive index for the 24-volume set
  • Cross-referencing to the earlier SE is facilitated by the addition of page numbers in square brackets in the margins
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