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 UPA has delivered high-quality research and textbooks into the hands of students and faculty in a timely manner since its founding in 1975. With innovative publishing programs designed for scholarly monographs as well as classroom texts and text supplements, UPA benefits scholars in all phases of their careers, from junior faculty and emerging scholars to established scholars and professors emeritus.


Hamilton Books, launched in 2003, provides authors of serious non-fiction titles, including corporate leaders, politicians, scholars, war veterans, and family historians, the opportunity to sign with a top-quality publisher without the typical hassles and extreme selectivity enforced by other publishers.


UPA and Hamilton Books feature streamlined decision-making and production processes. UPA and Hamilton Books review proposals and make decisions within 4-6 weeks of receipt and publish new titles faster than most presses, usually 4-6 months after the author delivers camera-ready pages and places the prepublication order.


Review our submission guidelines here.  For more information about our publishing programs, please email us at


Please contact members of our editorial and marketing team here.