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The Living Marine Resources of the Eastern Central Atlantic

Bivalves, Gastropods, Hagfishes, Sharks, Batoid Fishes, and Chimaeras, Volume 2

Edited by Food and Agriculture Organization

These multivolume field guides cover species of interest to fisheries in the Eastern Central Atlantic (FAO fishing area 34 and part of 47). The introductory chapter outlines the environmental, ecological, and biogeographical factors influencing the marine biota, and the basic components of the fisheries in the area. Sections on the resource groups are arranged phylogenetically according to higher taxonomic levels such as class, order, and family. Each group is introduced by general remarks, an illustrated section on technical terms and measurements, and a key or guide to orders or families. Each family generally has an account summarizing family diagnostic characters, biological and fisheries information, notes on similar families occurring in the area, a key to species, a check list of species, and a short list of relevant literature. Families that are less important to fisheries include an abbreviated family account and no detailed species information. Each volume concludes with its own index of scientific and common names. « less more »
Bernan Distribution / Food & Agriculture Organization
Pages: 862Size: 7 x 10
978-92-5109264-4 • Paperback • February 2017 • $130.00 • (£85.00) - Currently out of stock. Copies will arrive soon.