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Towards a New Pensions Settlement

The International Experience

Gregg McClymont and Andy Tarrant

This volume presents the recent experiences of pension reform in seven countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Faced with common problems of ageing societies and constraints on taxation levels, all are increasingly passing responsibility for saving for retirement to citizens. However, there is enormous variety between countries in the degree to which the state intervenes to mitigate the risks which the individual can face in saving for a pension. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield International / Policy Network
Pages: 84Size: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
978-1-78348-748-6 • Paperback • February 2016 • $17.00 • (£9.95)
978-1-78348-749-3 • eBook • February 2016 • $16.00 • (£9.95)
Gregg McClymont was formerly the Shadow Pensions Minister in the Labour Party and MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East in Scotland, UK

Andy Tarrant is a Senior Parliamentary Assistant in the UK government
Contributors / Contents / Acknowledgements / Introduction – Gregg McClymont and Andy Tarrant / UK – Gregg McClymont and Andy Tarrant / Australia – Jeremy Cooper / Canada – W Paul McCrossan / Germany – Steffen Hagemann / Netherlands – Eduard Ponds and Onno Steenbeek / Poland – Marek Naczyk / Sweden – Edward Palmer / Conclusion – Gregg McClymont and Andy Tarrant
In this book, Gregg McClymont and Andy Tarrant have assembled an interesting collection of chapters that reflect on recent experiences of pension reforms in the United Kingdom and six other countries: Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden….To conclude, this short book…provides a great starting point for understanding the challenges that countries face when reforming their systems towards sustainable (pre-funded) pensions. I found the book enjoyable and interesting to read and would strongly recommend it to JPEF readers.
Journal of Pension Economics and Finance