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Coaching the Mental Game

H.A. Dorfman - Foreword by Rick Wolff

Whoever claims winning isn't everything obviously has not spoken with an athletic coach.Coaching the Mental Game offers coaches of all sports a definitive volume for effectively understanding an athlete's mental awareness, which in turn will help drive success. Author H.A. Dorfman details appropriate coaching strategies aimed at perfecting the player's mental approach to performance.

Coaching the Mental Game will become the Bible for coaches who strive to make their athletes the most complete performers possible. Not only a wonderful asset to athletic coaches, this book will also prove to be a motivational resource for workers in all industries as well as in the game of life.
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Globe Pequot Press / Lyons Press
Pages: 384Size: 6 x 9
978-1-63076-188-2 • Paperback • March 2017 • $17.95 • (£11.95)
978-1-63076-189-9 • eBook • March 2017 • $9.99 • (£6.95)
H.A. Dorfman was a noted sports psychologist as well as a sports psychology counselor with the Scott Boras Agency. Recognized as a leading sports psychologist across the world, Dorfman was also a columnist and freelance journalist with articles appearing in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, and The Miami Herald. He has authored three other books:The Mental Game of Baseball, The Mental ABC's of Pitching, and The Mental Keys to Hitting.
He’s truly amazing. It’s true that most people don’t want to hear the truth about themselves, but Harv gets in your face, uses a few choice words to get your attention, and he’s got you.
Al Leiter, former all-star pitcher

Harv is absolutely unique. He’s for real—a straight shooter. He gives it to you right on the line, whether you like it or not. Not many people can—or will—do that.
Walt Weiss, former all-star shortstop and current manager of the Colorado Rockies