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Sustainability & Historic Preservation Toward a Holistic View
978-1-61149-337-5 • Hardback
February 2011 • $65.00 • (£39.95)
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978-1-4616-6270-9 • eBook
February 2011 • $64.99 • (£39.95)

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Pages: 136
Size: 7 1/4 x 10 3/4
By Richard Longstreth
Contributions by Shary Page Berg; Rebecca Howell Crew; Karana Hattersley-Drayton; Meisha Hunter; Thomas F. King; Valencia Libby; Liz Robinson and Richard Wagner
Antiques & Collectibles | Care & Restoration
University Press Copublishing Division | University of Delaware
Sustainability and Historic Preservation: Towards a Holistic View broadens the horizons of the mushrooming drive to correlate the objectives of these two spheres. To date, discussions of the relationship between historic preservation and sustainability have generally focused on the energy consumption of buildings. The nine chapters in this book show how that agenda can and should be expanded by examining many other facets of the environment, including agricultural lands, urban waterworks, irrigation systems, natural settings, an arboretum, and post-World War II suburbs. Written by specialists from a variety of disciplines—anthropology, architecture, landscape architecture, and urban history among them—the contents explore new realms in which historic preservation and sustainability can have common purpose. This book addresses subjects of concern to many persons engaged in both fields and argues the case for creating a greater spectrum of common ground between them.
Richard Longstreth is professor of American studies and director of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at George Washington University.
1 Preface
Chapter 2 Finding a Seat at the Table: Preservation and Sustainability
Chapter 3 Preservation, Sustainability, and Enviromental Impact Assessment in Post-Colonial Developing Nations
Chapter 4 The Massachusettes Heritage Landscape Inventory: A Community- Based Approach to Identifying and Protecting Special Places
Chapter 5 Tree Preservation and the Cultural Effects of Climate Change
Chapter 6 Awbury Arboretum: A Quaker Legacy Sustaining and Urban Community
Chapter 7 Is Brown the New Green? Balancing Water Conservation with Historic Landscape in the San Joaquin Valley
Chapter 8 Stewardship and Sustainability of Historic Waterworks Infrastructure
Chapter 9 Sustainability and Preservation of Affordable Housing: Greening Row Houses in Philadelphia
Chapter 10 On the Road Again: Presercation's Urgent Future