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Masculinities, Violence, Childhood Attending to Early Modern Women--and Men
978-1-61149-018-3 • Hardback
December 2010 • $95.00 • (£59.95)
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978-1-61149-019-0 • eBook
December 2010 • $94.99 • (£59.95)

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Pages: 400
Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
Edited by Amy E. Leonard and Karen L. Nelson
Social Science | Women's Studies
University Press Copublishing Division | University of Delaware
This interdisciplinary volume includes essays and workshop summaries for the 2006 Attending to Early Modern Women—and Men symposium. Essays and workshop summaries are divided into four sections, "Masculinities," "Violence," "Childhood," and "Pedagogies". Taken together, they considers women's works, lives, and culture across geographical regions, primarily in England, France, Germany, Italy, the Low Countries, the Caribbean , and the Islamic world and explore the shift in scholarly understanding of women's lives and works when they are placed alongside nuanced considerations of men's lives and works.
Amy E. Leonard is associate professor of history at Georgetown University.

Karen L. Nelson is associate director of the Center for Renaissance & Baroque Studies at the University of Maryland.
Chapter 1 Introduction: Attending to Early Modern Women—and Men
Part 2 Part I. Theorizing Early Modern Masculinity and Maleness
Chapter 3 Keynote Address: Showing the Heart: Love, Friendship, and Anatomy in Early Modern Portraiture
Chapter 4 Manhood, Patriarchy, and Gender in Early Modern History
Chapter 5 Hymeneal Instruction
Chapter 6 Workshop Summaries 1–9
Part 7 Part II. Childhood
Chapter 9 Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice: Gender Difference in German Primary School Education
Chapter 10 The Virgin's Body and Early Modern Surgeons
Chapter 10 All You Need Is Love: Music, Romance, and Adolescent Recreation in Sixteenth-Century France
Chapter 11 Workshop Summaries 10–15
Part 12 Part III. Violence
Chapter 13 Bosch's Iron Age
Chapter 14 English Child-Murder News and the Culture of Equity
Chapter 15 Violence, Gender, and Race in the Seventeenth-Century English Atlantic
Chapter 16 Workshop Summaries 16–23
Part 17 Part IV. Pedagogies
Chapter 18 Telling Tales: Women in the Early Modern Arab World
Chapter 20 Workshop Summaries 24–30
Chapter 20 Masculinity, Manliness, and Mediocrity: The Case of Paolo Giordano Orsini (1541–85)