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Innovative Voices in Education

Engaging Diverse Communities

Edited by Eileen Gale Kugler - Foreword by Edwin Darden - Contributions by Shriya Adhikary; Jioanna Carjuzaa; Jesse Bethke Gomez; Waliha Gani; Debra Fulcher; Sean Grainger; Young-chan Han; Ashley Harris; Amineh Ahmed Hoti; Karyn Keenan; Nardos King; Sara Kugler; Graciela Rosas; Jeff Scanlan; Howie Schaffer; Andrea Sobel; Roni Silverstein and Stacie Stanley

Diverse schools offer enriched academic and social environments, as students and families of different backgrounds and experiences provide a vibrant mosaic of insights, perspectives, and skills. To take advantage of the unique opportunities that diversity brings, schools must value and effectively connect with students and families of all backgrounds. Committed educators are taking on this challenge with gusto, engaging their diverse communities on a daily basis. This book highlights stories from around the world, as innovative teachers, educational leaders, and community activists passionately share personal accounts of their successes, challenges, and lessons learned. These are unsung heroes, doing vital work each day, with little attention beyond the appreciation of their own school communities. The 17 chapters, each by different authors with unique experiences, provide insights, strategies, and new tools that will be of value to anyone who is concerned about improving education for all. These diverse innovative voices will inform, engage, and most of all, inspire you. « less more »
R&L Education
Pages: 308Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
978-1-61048-539-5 • Hardback • January 2012 • $92.00 • (£65.00)
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Eileen Gale Kugler is an advocate for the benefits that diversity brings schools, communities, and workplaces, challenging stakeholders to break through society's "myth-perceptions" about race and culture. She is the author of the award-winning book Debunking the Middle-Class Myth: Why Diverse Schools Are Good For All Kids.
Building Respectful Schools
Ch. 1 - Closing The Culture Gap
Ch. 2 -A Foot in Two Worlds: Immigrant Students in U.S. Schools
Ch. 3 - Valuing the Individual by Breaking Through Assumptions
The Personal Power of a Teacher
Ch. 4 - Montana's Indian Education for All: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Embrace Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Ch. 5 - The Importance of Student Stories
Ch. 6 - Serving Long-Term English Learners by Empowering Students in Two Languages
Ch. 7 - Addressing Silences: Creating a Space for Classroom Conversations that Matter to Students
Ch. 8 - A Calling to Teach: Helping Every Child Succeed
Courageous Leaders
Ch. 9 - Serving Marginalized Children: A New Principal Fights for Equity in the Trenches
Ch. 10 - Forging Relationships with High School Students that Impact Learning and Achievement
Ch. 11 -The Equitable Leader: Changing Beliefs and Actions
Community: The Village it Takes
Ch. 12 - From Survivors to Leaders: Stages of Immigrant Parent Involvement in Schools
Ch 13 - Ready to Learn: The Benefits of a Neighborhood School Readiness Team
Ch. 14 - The Power of Family Aspirational Values on Student Academic Success
Global Perspectives
Ch. 15 - International Lessons Learned After 9/11:?Encouraging Mutual Understanding and Respect in British Schools and Beyond
Ch. 16 - The Passion of a Lifelong Australian Educator: Teaching Students First
Ch. 17 - Multicultural to Intercultural: Developing Interdependent Learners
In a book patterned after the need for collaborative relationships to improve education, editor Eileen Gale Kugler brings together 19 creative perspectives on diversity in Innovative Voices in Education: Engaging Diverse Communities (2012). Recent demographic shifts in the United States support the need for the discussion of diversity espoused by this book. ... This book has value and possible applications for a variety of stakeholders in the field of education. ... Almost all educators are in classrooms with diverse students and will find both inspiring stories from their colleagues as well as some practical resources for engaging their own students in this book. Part three may be of particular use to administrators and school district personnel in order to initiate school leadership that values diversity from the top down. Education researchers will also find many fascinating stories of innovation in this book that may provide avenues for further research and resources for further inquiry. Individual chapters in this book would even be of value to teaching programs throughout the country dealing with specific issues of diversity. However, the true value of this book lies in taking all five sections together and reading the book as a whole, to enhance the realization that engaging diverse communities involves the much-needed perspectives of all five parts.
School Community Journal

Open this book to find insights, resources and strategies from 17 ground-breaking educators and community leaders around the world who share passionate first-person accounts of how to engage students and families of diverse backgrounds.

This book, prepared with both a depth of understanding and sensitivity, provides a context for the future and a perspective for preparing teachers to teach our children to succeed in the 21st Century. It provides important information that will facilitate schools being more ready to successfully meet the needs of their students through understanding the richness and complexity of diverse communities.

Mark R. Ginsberg, Dean, College of Education and Human Development, George Mason University

Eileen Kugler honors her readers by giving them the space to acknowledge the strength of diversity, the power of interdependence, and the soul of relationships and connections. She presents us with the face and voices of the 21st century. It is not testing that will create equity and opportunity for all of our students: it is the belief, ability, confidence, and respect for each other that is at the heart of a democratic society, and a quality public education. Do you want to know what a good school looks like? Read this book.
Arnold F. Fege, director of Public Engagement and Advocacy, Public Education Network

As educators, we all need this practical book to help us foster and teach intercultural competence, a skill necessary for our students and their families to help them thrive and grow.
Juli Kwikkel, Elementary Principal for Storm Lake, Iowa

Thoughtful, insightful and rich with depth and detail, this book explores the nuances of diversity’s power in public education. As a teacher who has taught for almost 20 years in one of the nation’s most diverse schools, I quickly identified with the authentic spirit of the voices on these pages. This unique collection of first-person accounts provides a breadth of experiences that should be a must-read for any teacher, parent, principal or superintendent.
Alan Weintraut, Annandale High School, Annandale, Virginia

For more information on the book, the editor, and for sneak previews, please visit the Innovative Voices in Education website.