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The Maine Coon Cat

Liza Gardner Walsh

The Maine Coon is arguably the most popular breed of cat in the United States, and it is certainly the largest, with some males weighing nearly 20 pounds. This book provides an informative and fun look at America’s favorite feline, exploring the history and origins of the breed, traits and characteristics, interviews with breeders and owners, and some practical how-to advice. Filled with color photographs and sidebars of pertinent information, this is the perfect book for cat lovers.
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Down East Books
Pages: 96Size: 8 x 10
978-1-60893-250-4 • Paperback • September 2013 • $16.95 • (£10.95)
978-1-4617-4474-0 • eBook • September 2013 • $15.99 • (£10.95)
Liza Gardner Walsh is a children's librarian in Rockport, Maine. She has worked as a high school English teacher, a writing tutor, a museum educator, and holds an MFA in writing from Vermont College. She lives in Camden, Maine with her two daughters, Phoebe and Daphne, and her husband Jeff.
Featuring striking, full color photography on almost every page, The Maine Coon Cat is a delightful introduction to the second most popular breed of cat (after Persians). Chapters reconstruct the little-known history of this heavyset feline, stories of rescuing or living with Maine Coons, Maine Coons in literature, tips for caring for a Maine Coon, and perhaps most importantly, how to ensure that one's prospective pet comes from a responsible, registered breeder who cares about the animals, and not a "backyard breeder" who eschews animal welfare for a quick profit. "Noting where the kittens are being raised is important. If they are housed in a part of the house with only the mother cat, this would sound an alarm for proper socialization. Also, if there are more than two or three litters at one time, it might be more of a kitten mill than a quality breeder who is going to devote a lot of time to their cats." Highly recommended, especially for casual cat fanciers!
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