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Taking Flight to Literacy and Leadership!

Soaring to New Heights in Learning

Jacqueline J. Brayman and Maureen A. Grey - Other Michael A. Stearns

Taking Flight to Literacy and Leadership provides a powerful model of 'what works' in schools. It shows superintendents, principals, and teachers how to integrate best practices in literacy, adult learning, and systems thinking, using concrete examples from authentic practice. Taking Flight to Literacy and Leadership creates a razor-sharp focus on instruction and places learning at the center of the effort. It brings people together to share what they know and learn collaboratively and provides tools for staff to develop new solutions to difficult problems. This book is a guide for: _ Superintendents who want to grow their districts into a healthy vibrant learning organization. _ Principals who seek to engage staff in dynamic, job-embedded learning about instruction. _ Teachers who hope to influence both classroom and district learning. « less more »
R&L Education
Pages: 262Size: 7 x 10
978-1-60709-858-4 • Hardback • December 2010 • $92.00 • (£65.00)
978-1-60709-859-1 • Paperback • December 2010 • $38.00 • (£24.95)
978-1-60709-860-7 • eBook • December 2010 • $37.99 • (£24.95)
Jacqueline Brayman, Ed.D, Maureen Grey, and Michael A. Stearns, Ed.D. have worn many hats as educational leaders. Most importantly they see themselves as professional learners. Using a variety of unique features, they write so that readers can easily make meaning. They bring concepts to life in the context of authentic work.
Part 1 Part 1—FLIGHT! Preparation
2 FLIGHT! Overview
3 Packing Our Bag with Expert Knowledge
4 Orientation to the FLIGHT! Making This Story Your Own
Part 5 Part 2—FLIGHT! to Literacy
6 Each and Every vs. All
7 The Power of a Singular Focus: Literacy Instruction
8 Developing the Literacy Framework
9 Implementation
Part 10 Part 3—FLIGHT! to Adult Learning
11 Adult Learning: the Engine
12 The Learning Cycle
13 Professional Conversations
Part 14 Part 4—FLIGHT! to Systems Thinking
15 What is a System?
16 Context for Change
17 Culture
18 Conditions
19 Capacity
20 Consistency
Part 21 Part 5—After FLIGHT! Review
22 Landing With Impact
The authors provide a reasoned approach to improving literacy systemwide. Their focus on leadership and the ways in which schools can radically improve student performance is thoughtful. Implementing their suggestions will result in better schools for students and happier places for teachers to work.
Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey, assistant professors, School of Teacher Education, San Diego State University

I know the theories. I have read all the cutting-edge research. Until now, there has been no text that integrates them all into a coherent approach to education. Taking Flight to Literacy and Leadership does that by telling the story of a district's authentic work. I now have a much better understanding of how systems work and how they build capacity. This is a beautiful book.
Marcia Logie, assistant superintendent of teaching and learning, Kent Intermediate School District

How boring a flight would be if only the copilots talked; this book is about what happens when you engage all of those on the trip in its details. In this practical book, Brayman, Grey, and Stearns share their lessons during a districtwide, multiyear, literacy improvement effort that resulted in high student achievement. Under one cover, you'll discover the power of a teacher's voice, the importance of focus, and that the key to learning for kids is the learning done by adults. This book will easily become a valuable resource in your school improvement efforts!
Deborah Wahlstrom, owner, Successline, Inc.

I want everyone to read this compelling, always inspiring, sometimes entrancing story of what's possible in schools today. I felt exhilarated, confirmed, excited, and happy—the sky is truly the limit when we learn how to work together for what we most care about.
Margaret J. Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science and other books

Co-authors Jacqueline J. Brayman, Maureen A. Grey and former superintendent Michael A. Stearns describe the keys to the success of their work in the Northview (Mich.) Public Schools, in partnership with the Ball Foundation, to implement a data-driven, multiyear, districtwide literacy improvement effort. The book outlines best practices in three main areas - literacy, adult learning and systems thinking - through which NPS increased student achievement, developed a sense of shared leadership among staff members, and was transformed into a full-scale "learning organization."
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