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Change the World with Service Learning

How to Create, Lead, and Assess Service Learning Projects

Katy Farber

Change the World with Service Learning is clear, direct and easy to use, and was designed for busy teachers integrating Service Learning into their existing curriculum. This book guides teachers from all content areas and grade levels to create outstanding Service Learning projects with students like no other book does. Change the World with Service Learning is a no-fluff, step-by-step, teacher-to-teacher description of how to create, plan, teach, and celebrate Service Learning projects that meet and exceed local, district, and national curricular expectations. « less more »
R&L Education
Pages: 124Size: 6 x 9 1/8
978-1-60709-696-2 • Paperback • January 2011 • $17.00 • (£10.95)
978-1-60709-697-9 • eBook • January 2011 • $16.99 • (£10.95)
Katy Farber is a fifth and sixth grade teacher from Vermont. Her first book, Why Great Teachers Quit and How We Might Stop the Exodus, was published by Corwin Press in July 2010, and she writes a popular parenting blog about green living called Non-Toxic Kids (www.non-toxickids.net).
Chapter 1 Chapter One: What is Service Learning?
Chapter 2 Chapter Two: Why do Service Learning with Your Students?
Chapter 3 Chapter Three: Gathering Ideas
Chapter 4 Chapter Four: Planning Considerations, Step by Step
Chapter 5 Chapter Five: Partnering with the Community
Chapter 6 Chapter Six: Working in Teams
Chapter 7 Chapter Seven: Authentic Assessment
Chapter 8 Chapter Eight: Powerful Reflection
Chapter 9 Chapter Nine: Securing Funding
Chapter 10 Chapter Ten: Voices from the Field: Inspiration, Advice and Guidance from Teachers Currently Leading Service Learning Projects
Katy Farber's book, Change the World with Service Learning, is an important contribution to this dynamic field of education. It clearly articulates the current research that supports the academic, personal, social, and civic values in our current drive to quantify education. Farber provides practical recommendations for teachers in approaching service learning and especially the role of community members, a significant consideration of many valuable stakeholders that are often not included in this important community work. Filled with inspirational teacher voices, the resources in this book can be easily adapted to classroom teachers across grade levels.
Mary Whalen, Rowland Fellow 2010?2011 and history teacher, Twinfield Union School

With this book, Farber guides teachers from beginning to end in their quest to set up service learning projects. From how to pick topics, set up groups, and generate local support, to class handouts, assessment rubrics, and thought-provoking questions, Farber has written a thorough how-to guide for teachers. She provides meaningful advice for both new and veteran teachers and a convincing stance on how service learning benefits all students.
Julie Smart, special educator at Rumney Memorial

Farber has successfully combined the practical real experience that can only come from a classroom teacher with the inspiration and enthusiasm that service-learning projects create in students. And she has made it so easy to use. The book is filled with templates, talking points, stories, and lots of ideas. This book should be on every teacher's resource shelf and required for every pre-certification teacher in college. It is an easy step-by-step guide to introducing, implementing, and assessing service learning projects in upper elementary to high school classrooms of any subject. Bravo Farber!
Dana Hudson, Shelburne Farms ? Vermont FEED, Northeast regional lead for the National Farm to School Networ