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Education's Missing Ingredient

What Parents Can Tell Educators

Victoria M. Young

This book takes on the issues of our failures from the dangers associated with a lack of classroom discipline to the failings of the people to recognize and defend their schools from an overstepping federal government. This book clarifies the answers to our education system's woes and our republic's flickering success. For more information about the author, please visit www.amissingingredient.com « less more »
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Pages: 170Size: 6 x 9
978-1-60709-346-6 • Hardback • November 2009 • $99.00 • (£65.00)
978-1-60709-347-3 • Paperback • November 2009 • $37.00 • (£24.95)
978-1-60709-348-0 • eBook • November 2009 • $35.00 • (£23.95)
Victoria M. Young is a member of the Idaho WriterOs Guild, a mother of two, and a doctor of veterinary medicine. She has participated in classrooms, on various school advisory committees, and received a Friend of Caldwell Schools Award in recognition of her support of education and the pursuit of excellence.
Chapter 1 Preface
Chapter 2 Safe and Disciplined Schools
Chapter 3 The Three R's: Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic
Chapter 4 Where's the Science?
Chapter 5 Along Came "No Child Left Behind"
Chapter 6 What is the Problem?
Chapter 7 We Have the Answers
Chapter 8 What's Next?
Chapter 9 Democracy and Education
Chapter 10 Reflections
Chapter 11 Acknowledgements
Chapter 12 Bibliography
As a mom of two non-graduates, I wish Victoria M. Young had written this book earlier. My children's outcome may have been different; their lives would have surely been changed.
Kathie Grafe, RN BSN, just another middle class parent

Victoria M. Young is a parent that makes all of us think and grow in our profession. Education's Missing Ingredient provides parents with tools and ideas on how to contribute to and improve education in their communities. Without those parents who question and point out those unique community needs and history, schools will never truly meet the needs of children. This is a call to parents sitting on the sidelines.
Mary Ollie, science curriculum coordinator in two Idaho schools, four-time recipient of the state-level Presidential Award for Excellence in

The purpose of any institution is to serve the community for which it was created. Therefore, institutions are responsible for reflecting the changes which are taking place in their social structure. Victoria M. Young has pointed this out very effectively in Education's Missing Ingredient. But more than this, she has illustrated the fact that parents and ordinary citizens can be superb sources of dynamic input into public schools. Her research and observations are excellent and remind us that public schools should be open to both the needs and ideas of those for whom they were created to serve.
Jack D. Minzey, professor and department head emeritus, Eastern Michigan University, and coauthor, Reforming Public Schools Through Community Ed

For more information about the author, please visit www.amissingingredient.com.