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The Child Voice, 2nd Edition

Edited by Maria Runfola and Joanne Rutkowski - Foreword by Mary Goetze - Contributions by Terrence Bacon; Kristen Bugos; Shelley Cooper; Diana Dansereau; Elisabeth Etopio; Heather Gravelle; Lily Chen-Haftek; Deborah Hickel; Christina Hornbach; Yi-Ting Huang; James Jordan; Jooyoung Lee; Yu-Chen Lin; Sheryl May; Jennifer McDonel; Diane Persellin; Cynthia Lahr Timm; Lawrence Timm; Susan Waters; Wendy Valerio and Paula Van Houten

This second edition of TIPS: The Child Voice was prepared in response to demand for an updated and expanded version of the highly successful 1997 edition. This edition takes into account the broadening base of information regarding the nature of the singing voice. Now with strategies for the voice in transition during early adolescence, as well as strategies, games and activities to nurture the voice in early childhood, you'll find more suggestions for selecting materials and more recommended sources and resources. Also new are sample materials and activities, but you'll still find TIPS to use in student portfolios. These ideas, culled from scholars and experienced teachers, should prove useful to not only music educators, but also early childhood specialists, middle school teachers, and everyone working with students during those critical times of development of our natural instrument . . . the singing voice. « less more »
R&L Education / National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
Pages: 92Size: 6 1/4 x 9
978-1-60709-290-2 • Paperback • July 2010 • $23.00 • (£15.95)
978-1-60709-291-9 • eBook • July 2010 • $22.99 • (£15.95)
Maria Runfola, coordinator of music education at the University at Buffalo, is a specialist in arts assessment, curriculum development and classroom music pre-K through middle level. Her primary research interest is the development of music audiation in very young children as it may impact emergent literacy achievement.
Joanne Rutkowski, professor and coordinator of music education at Penn State, is an early childhood and elementary general music specialist with expertise in learning theory, musical development, curriculum, and assessment. Her research has focused on the nature of children's singing voices and strategies for helping all children become successful singers.
Chapter 1 Foreword
Chapter 2 Preface
Chapter 3 Nature of the singing voice
Chapter 4 TIPS for nurturing the singing voice in early childhood
Chapter 5 TIPS for nurturing the singing voice in childhood
Chapter 6 TIPS for nurturing the singing voice in transition
Chapter 7 TIPS for selecting materials
Chapter 8 TIPS for starting and teaching songs
Chapter 9 TIPS for singing in parts