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Environmental Statutes

2008 Edition

Other Research Group, Government Institutes

Update your compliance library, or make a needed addition to it, with the newly updated version of this GI classic. Featuring the official legal text of all 12 environmental statutes as they appear in the U.S. Code, this two-volume reference brings together all of the text you need in one convenient location. Each section of this reference includes the complete and exact text of the statutes, including amendments by the 110th Congress, and features such major acts as the Clean Air Act, Occupational Safety and Health Law Act, Toxic Substances Control Act, Pollution Prevention Act, and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. This reference also includes an index for ease of use. « less more »
Government Institutes
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978-1-60590-264-7 • eBook • July 2008 • $124.00 • (£80.00)