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The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery

A Guide to Her Magical Performances

Herbie J Pilato

Bewitched star Elizabeth Montgomery was one of the most prolific and popular actresses of the twentieth century. In her more than five hundred appearances on television, film and the stage, Elizabeth Montgomery’s talent, charisma, and personality have charmed millions for decades.

This delightful new book delineates, dissects, and celebrates the diversity and minutia of Montgomery’s remarkable career, while chronicling just how much her real life spilled into her historic roles on stage and screen. The book is based on Pilato’s exclusive interviews with the actress and supplemented with
commentary provided by myriad entertainment professionals, journalists, and media and classic TV historians, including the Oscar-nominated actress Juanita Moore (Montgomery’s co-star from the historic “White Lie” episode of TV’s 77 Sunset Strip), and producer/writer/actor Jimmy Lydon (Elizabeth’s co-star from the Wagon Train episode “The Victorio Bottecelli Story.”)

Including plot summaries, airdates, release dates, and behind-the-scenes notes and anecdotes of select performances,
The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is the ultimate handy, entertaining, and informative reference to the on- and off-screen adventures of one of the world’s most beloved stars.
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Taylor Trade Publishing
Pages: 184Size: 8 1/2 x 11
978-1-58979-824-3 • Paperback • October 2013 • $19.95 • (£13.95)
978-1-58979-825-0 • eBook • October 2013 • $9.99 • (£6.95)
Writer/producer/actor Herbie J Pilato is the author of several books on media and celebrities, including The Bionic Book, The Kung FuBook of Wisdom, Bewitched Forever, The Bewitched Book and most notably, Twitch Upon a Star: The Bewitched Life and Career of Elizabeth Montgomery. He has served as a consultant on "Bewitched: The E! True Hollywood Story," the Elizabeth Montgomery episode of A&E's Biography, Bravo's hit five-part series The 100 Greatest TV Characters, and countless other productions. From 2010 to 2013, Pilato served as founder and executive director of The Classic TV Preservation Society, a nonprofit organization that helped to close the gap between popular culture and education. Today, Pilato presides over Television, Ink, an entertainment company located in Burbank, California, where he resides. For more information, visit www.herbiejpilato.com.
Prologue: A Life Preview
Act I: Stage Presence
Act II: The Untouchable Years
Act III: Samantha Seasons
Act IV: Micro Films
Act V: Big Screen Gems
Act VI: Out of Character
Act VII: Vocal Chords
Epilogue: A Life Review
A Note on Sources

The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is, for any anyone interested in her life and work, a definitive source. Herbie J Pilato disregards the press releases and gets to the very heart of his subject, offering rare and factual insight into what makes an actor, a hit show, and much more. Pilato is a virtual professor of popular culture; for an intimate look at Elizabeth Montgomery, her life and work, once again, he has authored essential reading.
Ed Spielman, creator of the Emmy Award-winning ABC television series Kung Fu

Pilato has served up a gourmet reader's feast with new, never-before-published material as well as culled from his massive buffet of previous books. Exhaustively detailed and annotated with a plethora of film and TV appearances, this book is an ‘essential’ for classic TV fans and the millions who will forever be bewitched by Elizabeth Montgomery.
Greg Ehrbar, writer and producer

Herbie J Pilato has spent a lifetime researching and writing on media, as his backlist readily attests. Now, on the heels of his brilliant Twitch Upon A Star, comes the ultimate resource for Montgomery fans. The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is a must-have for lovers of classic TV.
Matthew Worley, journalist and syndicated broadcaster, By the Book radio

Herbie J Pilato has created a loving, extensive, and incisive portrait of an actress who deserves the attention. An important addition to any pop culture collection.
Lou Aronica, New York Times bestselling author

Herbie rides again! Mr. Pilato always does his homework, and this is proof of it. The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is a wonderfully concise guide and narrative of one of television’s leading ladies. Although Elizabeth is missed, this book does have the magical ability to bring her wonderful energy and charm back to the reader.
Eric Scott, actor, The Waltons, and Bewitched guest star

When I was a young pup, the Makeup Department of Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems was a paradise every morning. From ages 12 to 20 I made it my business to fetch coffee and doughnuts for everyone, especially the ladies. There is no better way for a boy to start his morning than with beautiful, talented women—you’d find Donna Reed, Inger Stevens, and in 1963, Elizabeth Montgomery getting ready to star in Bewitched. Getting to know a woman in the morning before the hair and make-up provides a young man with a certain insight as to what’s truly important: character and consistent good humor. Herbie J. Pilato’s thoroughly researched The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery told me all about the young woman I fawned over back in the day, and, while I was smitten with her as a young man, I came away from Herbie’s effort with even more affection and respect for this green-eyed beauty.
Paul Petersen, president and founder of A Minor Consideration; actor, author, and advocate

Herbie J Pilato truly honors the amazing life and career of Elizabeth Montgomery. With a passionate and comprehensive chronology, Pilato weaves the story of how both her life and career overlapped and demonstrates how her very essence aligned with each character she portrayed. The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery is an enlightening history of an enchanted human being that will surely make any of her fans smile.
Sandy Pedeflous, creator, Smile TV

Through the memories most of us have of watching the beautiful Elizabeth Montgomery with excitement and cheerful innocence, Herbie J Pilato allows us to reminisce the good times. Thank you, Herbie J—for bringing back the magic with yet another wonderful depiction of Elizabeth’s life story; by helping us discover her real character, and by bringing her back into our hearts and homes through this thoughtful, lovely book.
Névine Salvadé, author

Herbie J Pilato's The Essential Elizabeth Montgomery completes the journey of transforming a Hollywood icon into a close personal friend. . . . [This book is] skillfully and personally crafted; a joy to read. A perfect companion for fans of Ms. Montgomery or Hollywood. Cheers to another great read by Mr. Pilato.
David E. Garamella, The Giving Collaborative

Herbie J Pilato has managed to create the definitive career biography of the legendary Elizabeth Montgomery. I am impressed with the depth of research that went into this amazing reference work, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Pilato was able to unearth her smaller roles in some of television’s early masterpieces.
Karen L. Herman, vice president and director, Archive of American Television (EmmyTVLegends.org)

[A]bsolutely gorgeous and well written.
Dan Weaver, writer/director/producer (Barmont Productions, Entertainment Tonight, Hour Magazine)

[A] beautiful book . . . artfully done . . . with treasures inside.
Dorothy Clark, producer/creator, Caribbean Radio NDE show

We heartily recommend this volume, especially if you’re a classic TV aficionado.

‘Essential’ is the word of the day with this book, and Pilato continues to bring his trademark warmth of the actress along with his boundless knowledge of her work. The perfect Halloween book for those wanting a crash course in all things Montgomery. . . .
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