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Zen Contemplation for Christians

Elaine MacInnes

How and why did a Catholic nun become an accomplished Zen Master? Sister Elaine MacInnes shares her fascinating story and invites us into the compelling and slightly exotic world of Buddhist spiritual practice. As she details her lifelong journey of learning about Zen meditative practices, Sister MacInnes explains how they continue to enrich and inform her experience of Christianity. Replete with the wisdom of deep and contemplative insight and imbued with the profound knowledge of a seasoned spiritual teacher and guide, this spiritual autobiography is also a practical guidebook for those who, like her, want to discover how Zen can be a complementary and rewarding part of the Christian Life. « less more »
Sheed & Ward
Pages: 248Size: 5 3/4 x 8 1/2
978-1-58051-133-9 • Paperback • June 2003 • $19.00 • (£12.95)
978-1-4616-2289-5 • eBook • June 2003 • $18.00 • (£11.95)
Elaine MacInnes is a member of Our Lady's Missionaries, an order of Roman Catholic nuns. An accomplished violinist, educator, and social worker, she is one of the few teachers to be accredited by the Sanbo Kyodan, in Kamakura, Japan, one of the foremost centers for the study of Zen. For nearly thirty years Sr. MacInnes has used her training to minister to the incarcerated, working personally with more than 3,000 inmates and training teachers to work in 86 prisons in the United Kingdom. In 2001 she was named an Officer of the Order of Canada and in 2002 she was awarded the Commemorative Medal from Queen Elizabeth II for making a profound and lasting contribution to British society.
Chapter 1 A Circle is God's Be-Ing
Chapter 2 Before the Earth Came into Being
Chapter 3 Becoming Free in the Body
Chapter 4 Becoming Free Through Self-Knowledge
Chapter 5 Connections and Reciprocity
Chapter 6 From Intellect to Breath
Chapter 7 The Shared Sacred
Chapter 8 Swords into Ploughshares
Chapter 9 Within the Esoteric
Chapter 10 Pieces of a Mosaic
Chapter 11 Glossary of Japanese Sankrit Words Used
The practice of Zen helps us to a deeper experience of God here, now, in our prayer or in whatever else we are doing. . . . Sister Elaine is a rare spiritual master. She is a guardian of this precious, spiritual gift which is now being offered by the Orient to the Christian world, to help us to be more fully Christian. It will be fascinating to see how this offering is assimilated in the next century.
Giles Charrington, TSSF,, in praise of Sister MacInnes's Light Sitting in Light

Sister Elaine MacInnes is the real thing. [She proves that] if you can teach prisoners to turn their cells, which may be places of torment, into ashrams, which are places of contemplation and healing, it's an economic way to help people rebuild themselves instead of marking time and wasting away.
Jeremy Irons,, Academy Award-winning actor and patron of Sr. MacInnes's prison ministry

...extremely interesting and worth reading.
Rita C. Krupa; Catholic Library World