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Quashing the Rhetoric of Reform

An Educational Design That Reaches All Children

Eldon Lee and Mary Gale Budzisz

In the words of African-American historian, James Anderson: "We are still trying to develop both the philosophy as well as a system of education which really does respect the intelligence and abilities of ordinary people." In Quashing the Rhetoric of Reform: An Educational Design That Reaches All Children, Lee and Budzisz share with the reader the necessity for true educational reform. They tell of their efforts to quash the rhetoric described as school reform and replace it with a philosophy that is designed to nurture the flame of greatness in every child.

Lee and Budzisz blazed the trail of reform by developing the Milwaukee Village School, a Milwaukee Wisconsin Public School. They provide a road map to develop a new school or change an existing one to allow educators the capability to reach all children. Quashing the Rhetoric of Reform gives real examples of what the authors did and what they tried to do, while they also express their dreams for the future. Lee and Budzisz pull no punches when telling of the damage done by those who lacked support for children but are clear about the successes that prevailed as these children, one by one, developed the joy of learning.

Readers will be able to extract a secondary school philosophy as well as specific ideas that can be used to change a classroom, an existing school, or develop a new school from the beginning as Lee and Budzisz take you step by step through their reform process.

This is a must read for educators, parents, and students who are tired of seeing constant failure just to hear the rhetoric of reform. It is also for those who truly respect the intelligence and abilities of all children.
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Pages: 168Size: 6 x 9
978-1-57886-034-0 • Paperback • November 2003 • $44.00 • (£29.95)
Eldon Lee has spent 30 years teaching regular and special education students. Although Eldon claims to be retired, he continues to advocate for children. He strongly supports those interested in real reform and is willing to help any school that wants to truly change the way we think about how we educate children.

Mary Gale Budzisz is an internationally known educator who has spent 31 years teaching regular and special education students. She has gone on to become a widely acclaimed teacher having received both local and national awards for her efforts as well as presiding over eleven professional organizations from the local level to the international level.

Although Mary Gale claims to be retired, she is constantly on the move running an international conference in Australia. Her sincere support of children, as well as her dynamic speaking ability, has made her a much sought after retiree.
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