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Challenges Facing Higher Education at the Millennium

Edited by Werner Z. Hirsch and Luc Weber - Contributions by Paolo Blasi; James J. Duderstadt; David P. Gardner; Stanley O. Ikenberry; Charles F. Kennel; Howard Newby; Jacob Nuesch; Peter Preuss; Chang-Lin Tien; Dennis Tsichritzis; Hans J. A. van Ginkel; Frank H. T. Rhodes; Alan Wagner; Harold M. Williams and Heide Ziegler

In May 1998, the participants in the Glion Colloquium gathered in Switzerland to identify the major problems currently facing higher education in the United States and Western Europe, and to propose effective means for meeting those challenges. Challenges Facing Higher Education at the Millennium is a collection of papers written by the participants of this colloquium. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers / Amer Council Ed Ac1 (Pre Acq)
Pages: 200Size: 6 3/8 x 9 1/2
978-1-57356-293-5 • Hardback • August 1999 • $52.00 • (£34.95)
WERNER Z. HIRSCH is professor of economics at the University of California at Los Angeles where he also served as director of the Institute of Government and Public Affairs from 1963 to 1973.
LUC E. WEBER is a full professor of public economics at the University of Geneva and an international expert on higher education for the World Bank, the Council of Europe, the European Association of Universities, the Confederation of EU Rectors' Conferences and the International Association of Universities.
4 Survey of the Main Challenges Facing Higher Education at the Millennium
5 Meeting the Challenges of the New Millennium: The University's Role
6 The Task of Institutions of Higher Education in the New Europe
7 The Effect of the Changing Environment on Higher Education
8 The Twenty-first Century University: A Tale of Two Futures
9 The University and the Information Age
10 The Economics of Higher Education in the United States: What Can Other Developed Countries Learn from It?
11 Meeting the Challenge
12 Financing Universities Through Nontraditional Revenue Sources: Opportunities and Threats
13 Networks and Strategic Alliances within and between Universities and with the Private Sector
14 The Research University's Potential as an Area's Growth and Prosperity Stimulant
15 Research and Education: New Roles, New Instruments
16 Higher Learning as a Joint Venture between State and Industry: The Example of the International University in Germany
17 Governance
18 Information Age Challenges to Research Libraries: Crisis in the University of California Library System
19 Lifelong Learning in the University: A New Imperative?
20 The University of the Future
21 Higher Education in the Twenty-first Century: A European View
22 Future Challenges Facing American Higher Education
23 The New University
The well-argued volume offers much to the discerning reader. Recommended for anyone with an eye to the future and higher education.
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