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Social Media

Culture and Identity

Edited by Kehbuma Langmia and Tia C. M. Tyree - Contributions by Julius Che Tita; Michelle Dovil; Nickesia S. Gordon; Morgan D. Kirby; Kehbuma Langmia; Maria N. D. Maer; Melanie Tchewo Meulikwo; Brandale Mills; Angela D. Minor Esq.; Agbome Salome Nangah; Kingsley L. Ngange; Jean-Louis Ntang-Beb; Tia C. M. Tyree; Leticia Williams and Melvin L. Williams

Social Media: Culture and Identity examines the global impact of social media in the formation of various identities and cultures. New media scholars— both national and international— have posited thought-provoking analyses of sociocultural issues about human communication that are impacted by the omnipresence of social media. This collection examines issues of gender, class, and race inequities along with social media’s connections to women’s health, cyberbullying, sexting, and transgender issues both in the United States and in some developing countries. « less more »
Lexington Books
Pages: 230Size: 6 1/4 x 9 3/8
978-1-4985-4857-1 • Hardback • December 2016 • $85.00 • (£54.95)
978-1-4985-4858-8 • eBook • December 2016 • $80.00 • (£52.95)
Kehbuma Langmia is Fulbright scholar, professor, and chair of the Department of Strategic, Legal, and Management Communication at Howard University.

Tia C. M. Tyree is professor in the Department of Strategic, Legal, and Management Communications at Howard University.

Introduction: Social Media as the Hydra, by
Kehbuma Langmia

Part I: Social Media: Identity and Social Behaviors

Chapter 1: #THOTsBeLike: The Construction of the THOT Female Sexual Stereotype in Social Media, by
Tia C. M. Tyree and Morgan D. Kirby
Chapter 2: “I Don’t Belong in Here!”: A Social Media Analysis of Digital Protest, Transgender Rights, and International Restroom Legislation, by
Melvin L. Williams
Chapter 3: When Minors Become Sex Offenders: The Identity Crisis of Teenage Sexting, by
Angela D. Minor
Chapter 4: The Dark Side of Social Media: A Content Analysis of Cyberbullying, by
Jean-Louis P. Ntang-Beb and Leticia D. Williams
Chapter 5: How Minorities Use Social Media During Weather Related Crises: Results of a U.S. National Weather Survey, by
Brandale N. Mills, Michelle A. Dovil, Leticia D. Williams and Tia C. M. Tyree

Part II: Social Media: Culture and the International Community

Chapter 6: The Coins for Justice Movement: The Rise of New Media Activism in Indonesia, by
Maria N. D. Maer
Chapter 7: ICTs and Power Relations in Traditional Settings in Cameroon, by
Agbome Salome Nangah and Julius Che Tita
Chapter 8: Towards a Framework for Communicating Women’s Health via Social Media in Jamaica, by
Nickesia S. Gordon
Chapter 9: ICT use in Teaching, Research and Outreach in the University of Buea, Cameroon, by
Kingsley L. Ngange and Melanie Tchewo

About the Editors and Contributors
Social Media: Culture and Identity is a tour de force! Written with inspiring compassion, we finally have a refreshingly clear and well-crafted exploration of how social media channels impact everyday marginalized identities.
Ronald L. Jackson II, University of Cincinnati and editor of Critical Studies in Media Communication

This is a resource of choice for anyone seeking a deeper and broader knowledge and understanding of the new mediascape.
Bala A. Musa, Azusa Pacific University

As an academic with an interest in understanding the intersection between human interaction and social media this collection of scholarly articles and research is by far one of the most exploratory and provides a much-needed view of the technology-driven world in which we thrive. From blogs ‘masquerading as news’ to the underpinnings of the social construct of the THOT and an investigation of hashtag activism, this text shines a light on the need for a fresh theoretical understanding of the new media environment and how this impacts socialization and culture.
Francine Edwards, Delaware State University