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Fantasy Sports and the Changing Sports Media Industry

Media, Players, and Society

Edited by Nicholas David Bowman; John S. W. Spinda and Jimmy Sanderson - Contributions by Shaun Anderson; Andrew Baerg; Steve Bien-Aimé; Andrew Billings; Andy Boyan; Emory S. Daniel Jr.; Joris Drayer; Brendan Dwyer; Christopher Gearhart; Mark Grabowski; Marie Hardin; Cody T. Havard; Shaughan A. Keaton; Katherine L. Lavelle; Renee M. Miller; Brody J. Ruihley; Stephen L. Shapiro; Nicholas Watanabe; David Westerman; Pamela Wicker and Grace Yan

This edited collection examines how fantasy sports play has established a prominent and promising foothold in the larger sports ecology. Often considered an isolated activity for the hardcore sports fan, fantasy sports play have since been incorporated into sports broadcasting and editorial coverage, sports marketing and promotions, and even into the very sports themselves with athletes and teams using the activities to draw fans further into the sports experience. This edited collection invites leading scholars and sports professionals from several different fields to share historical and emerging perspectives on the importance of fantasy sports as an artifact of theoretical and empirical importance to larger issues of sport and society.

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Lexington Books
Pages: 314Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4985-0488-1 • Hardback • March 2016 • $95.00 • (£65.00)
978-1-4985-0489-8 • eBook • March 2016 • $90.00 • (£60.00)
Nicholas David Bowman is associate professor of communication studies at West Virginia University.

John S. W. Spinda is assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies at Clemson University.

Jimmy Sanderson is director of marketing, communications, and faculty relations for Clemson Online at Clemson University.
John S. W. Spinda and Cody Havard
Chapter 10: Fantasy Sports and Mediated Fandom
James Sanderson
Section 4: The Institutional Perspective
Chapter 12: Fantasy Sport and World Cup Viewership
Pamela Wicker, Nicholas M. Watanabe, and Grace Yan
Chapter 13: Fantasy Sports Law: A Primer
Mark Grabowski
Section 5: For the Love of the Fantasy Game
Chapter 14: Exploring the Braintrust: The Evolution and Impact of the Fantasy Sport Trade Association
Brody J. Ruihley and Andrew C. Billings
Chapter 15: Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): The Future of Fantasy Games
Renee Miller
The book Fantasy Sports and the Changing Sports Media Industry, by Nicholas Bowman, John Spinda, and Jimmy Sanderson, provides a timely and detailed examination of fantasy sports and how the sports-media industry has changed to accommodate the expanding appetite for media surrounding players and teams that affect an owner’s fantasy team…. Overall, the collection of work on fantasy sports compiled by the editors is very timely and thorough. The book could be used in a sport communication course as a supplementary text to attract students into exploring how communication plays into fantasy sports. Fantasy sports are complex, and this book is a large step toward educating many on fantasy sport and the impact it has on its participants. The book is full of interesting content that will leave readers with an increased understanding of fantasy sports and could even help them manage fantasy-sport teams of their own.
International Journal of Sport Communication

For those trying to understand why fan engagement with sports is increasingly dominated by the playing of fantasy sport and how new industries aim to monetize that engagement, Fantasy Sports and the Changing Sports Media Industry provides a vivid and comprehensive look at the 'realities' and dynamics of a new form of fanship set in an age of digital and social media. In this essential collection, the editors—all leaders in studying how mediated sport is played in a quickly changing media environment—have organized key scholars from across the globe in assessing how and why fantasy sports are played, not only for fans, but as a lucrative business enterprise. Here we see what underlies the roots of fantasy sports, the 'stimulations' and 'simulations' they provide, what drives the 'fanaticism' of fantasy sport fanship, how sports media are being changed by the rise of fantasy sports, and how new industries are 're-capitalizing' sports and challenging its legal terrain. For students of this 'new game,' those increasingly preoccupied by playing it, and those who are puzzled by its pull, this collection is essential reading.
Lawrence A. Wenner, Loyola Marymount University

If I were constructing a fantasy line-up of sports communication, Bowman, Spinda, and Sanderson would be my top picks. This collection provides the first comprehensive look at the fantasy sports phenomenon that grew from a hobby into a multimillion dollar industry.
Adam C. Earnheardt, Youngstown State University

Fantasy Sports and the Changing Sports Media Industry provides an interesting and informative view into the rapidly evolving realm of fantasy sports. Nicholas Bowman, John Spinda, and James Sanderson have skillfully organized an edited collection which provides readers with a working knowledge of the historical and industry driven components of fantasy sports and forecasts the future implications and possibilities of fantasy sports. This book is a thought provoking and valuable resource for everyone in the sport industry.
Andy Gillentine, University of South Carolina