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Promoting Global Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education

Successes and Challenges within Local and International Contexts

Edited by David Schwarzer and Beatrice L. Bridglall - Contributions by Burcu Ates; Perien Joniell Boer; Alexandra Brown; Marya Burke; Francesca Caena; Steven Camicia; Marialuisa Di Stefano; Wangari Gichiru; Efrat Harel; Matthew Knoester; Katrina Macht; Alan S. Marcus; Leigh Martin; David M. Moss; Mary Petrón; Alison Price-Rom; Sarah Thomas; Tina Waldman; Hilary Wilder; Jacalyn Giacalone Willis and Eleanor Vernon Wilson

Promoting Global Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education reconceptualizes the purpose of education to include the attainment of global or cosmopolitan perspectives. This goal has important implications for how we not only educate today’s students, but also how we prepare teachers to teach in a diverse and complex world in which habits of perspective, inquiry, imagination, empathy, communication, commitment, humility, integrity, and judgment increasingly resonate in importance. This book advocates for preparing teacher candidates to acquire a nuanced, global perspective of their subject areas and be prepared to handle the demands of educating students for our changing global context. To this end, Promoting Global Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education encourages the development of pedagogical strategies that will enable students to consider multiple perspectives and cultivate respect for diverse peoples and cultures. « less more »
Lexington Books
Pages: 332Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
978-1-4985-0435-5 • Hardback • March 2015 • $100.00 • (£70.00)
978-1-4985-0436-2 • eBook • March 2015 • $95.00 • (£65.00)
David Schwarzer is associate professor in the Department of Secondary and Special Education in the College of Education and Human Services at Montclair State University.

Beatrice L. Bridglall is faculty affiliate at New York University-East China Normal University Institute for Social Development at NYU Shanghai.

Introduction: Internationalizing Teacher Education: Successes and Challenges within Domestic and International Contexts
David Schwarzer and Beatrice L. Bridglall

Part I: Study Abroad

Chapter 1: International Student Teaching in Non-Western Cultures: A Journey of Personal and Professional Transformation on the Road to Becoming a Globally-Minded Teacher
Leigh Martin

Chapter 2: Over There: Exploring a WWII Themed Short-Duration Study Abroad Program for Pre-Service Teachers
David M. Moss and Alan S. Marcus

Chapter 3: Culture and Class: Latina Pre-service Teachers in Costa Rica
Mary Petrón and Burcu Ates

Chapter 4: International Teaching: Bringing Home Global Perspectives
Sarah Thomas

Chapter 5: Implementing and Sustaining Long-Term Partnerships for International Student Teaching Placements
Eleanor Vernon Wilson

Part II: Technology

Chapter 6: Promoting Global and Comparative Understandings of Education: My Year-long Journey
Alexandra Brown

Chapter 7: Participating in a Technology Enhanced Internationalization Project to Promote Students’ Foreign Language Motivation
Tina Waldman and Efrat Harel

Chapter 8: Using Technology to Facilitate Collaboration between New Jersey and Namibian Teacher Education Students
Hilary Wilder and Perien Joniell Boer

Chapter 9: Our 12-year Journey Internationalizing In-service Science Education
Jacalyn Giacalone Willis, Katrina Macht, and Marya Burke

Part III: Glocal

Chapter 10: Comparative Reflections: Glocal Experiences in European Teacher Education
Francesca Caena

Chapter 11: Teaching International Struggles for Critical Democratic Education
Wangari Gichiru and Matthew Knoester

Chapter 12: Exploring the “Glocal” in Teacher Education: A Journey in Un-packing One Course
Alison Price-Rom

Chapter 13: Positionality and Glocal Encounters in Social Studies Teacher Education
Steven Camicia and Marialuisa Di Stefano

David Schwarzer and Beatrice L. Bridglall
David Schwarzer and Beatrice L. Bridglall’s Promoting Global Competence and Social Justice in Teacher Education: Successes and Challenges within Local and International Contexts provides insights and ideas on how to globalize teacher education through experiential learning in a variety of contexts and resources. Nowhere else have I seen so many diverse strategies and points of view on global education pedagogy and experiential learning. This book is essential reading for teacher educators who are seeking to provide the experiences and knowledge needed to prepare preservice and inservice teachers for our increasingly complex and interdependent world.
Merry Merryfield, Ohio State University

David Schwarzer and Beatrice Bridglall have compiled a rich collection of insightful contributions that demonstrate both the benefits of, and practical strategies for, internationalization of teacher education. Many American teachers graduate from education departments with surprisingly little knowledge of America’s role in the world. This book describes several pioneering programs that help to alleviate this problem through innovative approaches to transformative, experiential learning. In these times when the power of unrestrained corporations, militarism, and mass surveillance threaten democracy and human rights, there is a pressing need for such a book that inspires an empathetic, global perspective among teacher educators.
David G. Hebert, Bergen University College

This volume provides an interesting and informative collection of efforts by U.S. teacher educators to educate teachers to be globally competent in ways where their teaching will support the reduction of the oppression and inequities that exist in the U.S. and throughout the world. The lack of internationalization in U.S. teacher education programs is a major problem. This volume makes an important contribution to helping us see how we can begin to address it.
Ken Zeichner, Boeing Professor of Teacher Education, University of Washington