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U2 Above, Across, and Beyond

Interdisciplinary Assessments

Edited by Scott D. Calhoun - Contributions by Matt Hamilton; Arlan Elizabeth Hess; Fred Johnson; Ed Montano; Steve Taylor; Theodore Louis Trost; Chris Wales and Brian F. Wright

U2’s success and significance are due, in large part, to finding inventive, creative solutions for overcoming obstacles and moving past conventional boundaries. As it has embraced change and transformation over and over again, its fans and critics have come to value and expect this element of U2. These new essays from the disciplines of organizational communication, music theory, literary studies, religion, and cultural studies offer perspectives on several ways U2’s dynamic of change has been a constant theme throughout its career. These essays came from the U2 Conference 2013 exploring the music, work, and influence of U2, and to further the scholarship on U2.
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978-1-4985-0129-3 • Hardback • December 2014 • $84.00 • (£54.95)
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Scott Calhoun directs the U2 Conference, is curator for the U2: Made in Dublin exhibit, and is professor of writing and literature at Cedarville University.
U2 Above, Across, and Beyond: Interdisciplinary Assessments
Table of Contents


Introduction: U2
Scott Calhoun

1 Collaborative Transactions: Making Sense (Again) for U2’s
Achtung Baby
Christopher Wales

2 Transvaluing Adam Clayton: Why the Bass Matters in U2’s Music
Brian F. Wright

3 Translating Genres: U2’s Embrace of Electronic Dance Music in the 1990s
Ed Montano

4 A Transcendent Desire: In Defense of U2’s Irishness
Arlan Elizabeth Hess

5 A Transmedia Storyworld: The Edge Is One, But Not The Same
Fred Johnson

6 Transgressive Theology: The Sacred and the Profane at U2's PopMart
Theodore Louis Trost

7 Transmitting Memories: U2’s Rituals for Creating Communal History
Steve Taylor

8 The Transformative Fan: The Bricolage of U2 Live
Matthew J. Hamilton

About the Contributors


There is ample (and stimulating) intellectual discussion of the Irish band’s ‘proclivity for change’ in a world that doesn’t always welcome it. And each of the eight articles (none longer than thirty pages) makes for an easy-to-digest, hour-long patch of premiere rock and roll reading.