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Blood in the Hills

The Story of Khe Sanh, the Most Savage Fight of the Vietnam War

Robert Maras and Charles W. Sasser

A soldier’s eye view of Vietnam’s fiercest close-quarters battle upon its 50th anniversary

Khe Sanh’s Hill Fights of 1967—as experienced by co-author Bobby Maras and told in this hour-by-hour, day-by-day account—were carnage on the ground, much of it hand-to-hand fighting in the dark. Thanks to the brave Marines of the 9th and 3rd, Khe Sanh survived the first concentrated attack by the North Vietnamese to invade the South. After the Hill Fights, American forces pulled back and held out against constant enemy shelling and frequent attacks until the siege was broken. Combining Maras’ personal experiences with the war’s bigger picture, Blood in the Hills honors the heroic actions of our soldiers and shows how Khe Sanh was microcosm of the entire Vietnam War.
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Globe Pequot Press / Lyons Press
Pages: 288Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/2
978-1-4930-1975-5 • Hardback • April 2017 • $26.95 • (£17.95) - Currently out of stock. Copies will arrive soon.
978-1-4930-1976-2 • eBook • April 2017 • $25.99 • (£17.95)
Charles W. Sasser is a veteran of the U.S. Navy (journalist) and U.S. Army (Special Forces, the Green Berets), a combat veteran and former combat correspondent wounded in action. He has published over 3000 pieces in a wide range of magazines and is author, co-author or contributing author of more than 50 books and novels. Sasser now lives in Oklahoma with wife Donna.

Robert (Bobby) Maras was a private first class, machinegunner with Weapons Platoon, Golf Company, 3
rd Marines during the Hill Fights at Khe Sanh. A retired police officer, he is a past president of Vietnam Veterans of America and continues to work in veterans’ leadership roles, including as Chair of the Veterans Initiative Task Force. He lives in Oklahoma.
BLOOD IN THE HILLS is a powerful tale, vivid, remarkably emotional, and spellbinding. The sacrifices of the American fighting man during the Vietnam War will long be remembered and has not gone unnoticed.
Chimp Robertson, author of POW/MIA: AMERICA’S MISSING MEN

“Outstanding! Exciting! Gut-grabbing. . . . ”
—Leatherneck Magazine on One Shot—One Kill: American Combat Snipers, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Beirut

“The most gripping scenes in this book document . . . emotions in the second just before the Hellfire missile arrives on target.”
—The New York Times on Predator: The Remote Control Air War Over Iraq and Afghanistan

“Containing some of the best writing in the field . . . provides an electrifying glimpse into the dangerous life of a chopper pilot in Vietnam.”
New York Times bestselling military novelist W.E.B. Griffin on Taking Fire: The True Story of a Decorated Chopper Pilot

“Back in The Fight will force people to reevaluate what’s truly possible in their own lives. I’m going to make sure my own children read [this] story.”
—Brandon Webb, New York Times bestselling author of The Red Circle: My Life in the Navy SEAL Corps and How I Trained America’s Deadliest Marksmen on Back in The Fight: The Explosive Memoir of a Special Operator Who Never Gave Up

“A model of good historical writing.”
—Leatherneck Magazine on Hill 488

“A gripping combat memoir . . . honest and exciting . . . a roving tale, full of sharp detail and told in the harsh language of soldiers baptized in fire.”
New York Times bestselling novelist Clive Cussler on First SEAL

“Tough, raunchy, gritty, but surprisingly tender . . . If you never made it to ‘Nam, this book will take you there. . . . Unbeatable!”
—Military History Magazine on The 100th Kill: A Novel of Vietnam

Honest. Gritty. Intense. BLOOD IN THE HILLS illuminates the raw experience that Marines endured at Khe Sanh in 1967. In the telling of Maras’ story, we can come closer to understanding the sacrifice so many made on our behalf.
Tom Hoffmann, Clinical Psychologist, U.S. Veterans Administration