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Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Educational Leadership

Edited by Ashraf Esmail; Abul Pitre and Antonette Aragon

Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Educational Leadership provides educational leaders with practical steps for implementing multicultural education into schools. Drawing from multicultural scholars like James Bank’s it equips educational leaders with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to ensure that schools provide all students with equal educational opportunities. Concepts such culturally responsive leadership, transformative leadership, and restorative justice are discussed throughout the book. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 172Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4758-3431-4 • Hardback • March 2017 • $54.00 • (£37.95)
978-1-4758-3433-8 • Paperback • March 2017 • $28.00 • (£18.95)
978-1-4758-3434-5 • eBook • March 2017 • $27.99 • (£18.95)
Ashraf Esmail serves as the Proposal Review Lead and serves on the Publication Committee for the National Association for Multicultural Education. He is the senior editor for the Journal of Education and Social Justice and the International Journal of Leadership, Education, and Business Studies.

Abul Pitre is professor of educational leadership at Prairie View A&M University, where he teaches courses in multicultural education and leadership. He was appointed Edinboro University’s first named professor for his outstanding work in African-American education and held the distinguished title of the Carter G. Woodson Professor of Education.

Antonette Aragon is an associate professor in the School of Education and the Center for Educator Preparation at Colorado State University. Utilizing feminist theory, critical race theory, LatCrit, culturally responsive teaching, and social justice emphasizing understandings of self, systemic inequities and cultural awareness, her scholarship is located at the intersections of social justice equity, educational policy and leadership, technology, and cultural relevant education. She has articles in journals including Urban Education, Multicultural Education & Technology, Teaching Education, Multicultural Teaching and Learning, and Journal of Hispanic Higher Education.
Jasmine Williams
Candace Thompson and Susan Catapono
Ann E. Lopez
Martha Brown and Katherine Evans
Byron Davis
Michelle Yvonne Szpara
María L. Gabriel
Susan L. Dodd
Cherrel Miller Dyce and Buffie Longmire-Avital
This book serves as an excellent source for educational leaders to incorporate multicultural education in our schools. It provides and discusses effective strategies for leaders to ensure that all students are receiving equitable educational opportunities.
Dr. Rose Duhon-Sells, Founder, National Association for Multicultural Education

Perspectives on Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice in Educational Leadership highlights the various ways in which educational leaders can implement school policies and practices to alleviate pressing and persistent academic disparities rooted in structural inequalities. Informed by theoretical approaches to transform schooling, these authors demonstrate the various ways in which education for social justice can be made tangible and concrete. In doing so, these authors provide a vision of possibility aimed at equitable schooling for educational leaders to make a difference within their spheres of influence. This volume promises to be a must read for those for whom the praxis of social justice in schooling is a compelling imperative.
Francisco Rios, Dean and Professor, Woodring College of Education