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Schooled in Fear

Lessons Learned about Keeping Students and Staff Safe

Deborah Lynch

School violence of all kinds continues to be a major concern today. Nearly a third of all parents report fear for their children’s safety in today’s schools. It provides a detailed overview nine types of school violence and also a detailed analysis of the research base on effective policies, approaches and programs. It is designed to aid school, criminal justice and mental health professionals, as well as interested parent and community groups, in preventing, responding to, and recovering from school violence.

The book covers school shootings, physical violence, bullying and cyber-bullying, suicide, sexual harassment and violence, teen dating violence, gang violence, intruder violence and violence against teachers and staff. In addition to discussing each type of violence using detailed case studies, each chapter details known causes and correlates of each type, legal and policy implications, a description of evidence-based models and what stakeholders can do to address each type of violence. Selecting the right evidence-based approach (or approaches), and implementing it coherently, effectively, and with the right leadership and resources, can make all the difference.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 188Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4758-2980-8 • Hardback • May 2017 • $60.00 • (£39.95)
978-1-4758-2981-5 • Paperback • May 2017 • $30.00 • (£19.95)
978-1-4758-2982-2 • eBook • May 2017 • $29.99 • (£19.95) (coming soon)
Deborah Lynch has taught in urban elementary and high schools for twenty years and has also worked as an Assistant Director of the Educational Issues Department of the American Federation of Teachers, and was President of the Chicago Teachers Union (2001-2004). Lynch holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Illinois at Chicago and is currently an Associate Professor of Graduate Studies in the College of Education at Chicago State University.
Chapter 1 School Shootings by Students
Chapter 2 Intruder Violence
Chapter 3 Aggression and Intimidation
Chapter 4 Bullying and Cyberbullying
Chapter 5 Suicide and Suicidal Behavior
Chapter 6 Sexual Harassment and Abuse
Chapter 7 Teen Dating Violence
Chapter 8 Gang Violence
Chapter 9 Violence against Teachers and Staff
Chapter 10 Reflections on Lessons Learned
Finally, a book that has it all- research, rationale and programmatic recommendations in clear, concise language all under one cover, to serve as a working document for school districts, Boards of Education, classrooms and parent groups. Case studies, overview of the issues, research, and school considerations provide a readable structure and handy references to rationale and recommendations. In a time when teachers, administrators, parents and stake holders grapple with heartbreaking and frightening realities, Lynch does the necessary work to design, compile, promote and explain the interventions necessary to address the multifaceted nature of what now faces our schools and communities.
Charles Cooper, NBCT Chicago Public Schools Teacher, Adjunct Instructor, Graduate Education Programs, Mentor of NBCT Candidates, Chicago Teachers Union

Schools in Fear is a wide and deep exploration of violence of every kind in schools, from shooting, to bullying of every type, to suicide, sexual harassment, and gang violence. Her descriptions of various types of violence and their impact at the school, community, district and national level are documented by national and local data sources. She brings the issues to life with engaging and detailed case studies which include detailed descriptions of the efforts of students, teachers, parents, principals, district leaders and outside partners, to successfully address these issues. Dr. Lynch lays out the immediate response needed to address the issue and meet the immediate safety and accountability needs of all parties, but goes beyond that to define the culture and climate that needs to proactively be established to meet the social and emotional needs, as well as the instructional and student achievement needs of all parties.
Peter Martinez, Former Senior Program officer for the MacArthur Foundation's Chicago Education Initiative and retired co-founder of UIC's Urban School Leadership Program

As someone who has spent much of his life in schools and working environments dealing with, researching and teaching others about many of the subjects in this book, I find Dr. Lynch's thoughts, reflections, research and recommendations to be paramount. If schools and systems are to promote institutes that promote benefits of student achievement, then following this book will provide guidance for building cultures and communities in schools where student contributions and achievement are the norm. Schooled in Fear is comprehensive research and a timely guide to the critical role of behavior change. For this, we are thankful.
Allen Bearden, President of Jacqueline B. Vaughn Graduate School for Teacher Leadership