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The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer

From Surviving to Thriving

Lucia D. Tyler and Susan E. Henninger

The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer is a comprehensive guide, designed to make college transfer between four-year schools as successful as possible. Chapters outline the steps to take from the moment a student finds him/herself considering college transfer to the first semester at his/her next college.

The book contains vignettes (based on real student stories) and excerpts from interviews with transfer students, parents, and higher education professionals. The information and advice they share will be helpful, informative, and reassuring to families going through a college transfer and enlightening to high school and college personnel.

College transfer, when done for the right reasons and in the right way, can be an extremely positive experience for students. This is especially true when the student goes from merely surviving in their old environment to thriving in their new one.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 202Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-1-4758-2686-9 • Hardback • May 2017 • $30.00 • (£19.95)
978-1-4758-2689-0 • eBook • May 2017 • $28.00 • (£18.95)
Lucia D. Tyler is an independent college counselor who has worked in the field for over ten years following a career in teaching, advising and lab management at Cornell University. She lives in Trumansburg, NY with her husband.

Susan E. Henninger is a freelance writer, a past transfer student, and the mother of two college graduates, with one more to go. She is a member of the Education Writers Association and has researched and written numerous articles about education (K-12 and Higher Ed) and parenting.
Pros and Cons Checklist
Financial Tic Tac Toe
Learning Environment Self-survey
Credit Transfer Self-survey

Chapter 4: Hands-on Homework
Telling Parents
Telling Friends
What about a Gap Year?
Community College Options

Chapter 5: All about College Visits
Why Visit?
Why Not Visit?
Visits and International Transfers
Questions for Students to Ask Before Transferring

Chapter 6: Parents Talk about College Transfer

Chapter 7: Seeking Additional Perspectives
Using Technology
Advice from College Consultants
Understanding how Colleges View Potential Transfers

Chapter 8: Adjusting to a New College
What Students Think about Transfer
Pros and Cons of Orientation
College Professionals Advice to Transfers
Transfer-friendly Practices

Chapter 9: Transfer to Transfer Advice-Start to Finish
Tips from Former Transfer Students
Tips from International Transfers


Key Transfer Terms
Colleges that Accept the Most Transfers
Sample of Varying Transfer Policies
College Transfer Timeline (Fall)
College Transfer Timeline (Spring)
College Transfer Resource List

About the Authors
Lucia Tyler and Susan Henninger’s new—and very much needed—guide to college transfer is an encyclopedia of useful information. Sketching out the many scenarios that bring a student to the decision, the authors, with ample interviews from student themselves, lay down the timeline and the techniques, providing all the basics as well as family financials, parent role, social adjustment, and even a long list of schools that are particularly responsive to transfer applications. A solid and welcome addition to the counseling and guidance field.
Sarah M McGinty, author of The College Application Essay (College Board, 2015)

As a student that transferred colleges because of a poor fit, I would have loved a book like this to help with the transfer process. Not only does it address the major issues facing students who are considering transferring, but it also helps parents understand what is happening with their student. An all-around winner.
Todd Johnson, College Admissions Partners and co-author of BS/MD Programs-The Complete Guide: Getting into Medical School from High School

The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer addresses the many challenges, decisions, potential obstacles, and positive outcomes college students may face when navigating their higher education pathway. The book clearly illustrates how transferring can enrich a student’s life, as well as giving them the opportunity to become more adaptable and creative, to think outside the box, and to make better choices in the future.It is important for students to learn how to handle life’s ups and downs and come out on top—wiser and stronger for it. Tyler and Henninger’s timely book will help many college transfers gain the skills that will allow them to have a satisfying career, and a life, they enjoy.
Judith H. Galusha, MS ED, Maricopa County Community Colleges District, Arizona

This book does a great job of covering important financial topics that should be addressed prior to college application as well as during the transfer process. It provides tangible steps for what can be an overwhelming topic.
Blaine Blontz, Founder and Lead Consultation, Financial Aid Coach

Tyler and Henninger provide practical questions to help students and their families understand and navigate exploring their transfer options. The resources and students stories shared will help demystify the experience and help others walk the future transfer journey. The complexities of the transfer student and their experiences are represented very realistically.
Tanya Strachan, Assistant Director of Admissions, Transfer Recruitment and Enrollment Programs, University of Rochester (Rochester, NY)

Finally! A college transfer book that is a must-read for parents and students alike. While students do not often set out to transfer schools, this guide is designed to meet the needs of anyone contemplating transfer. It will also be helpful to those working with students who are looking for a better college fit.
As someone who has advised transfer students and worked in higher education for over 25 years, I can honestly say that this book will save college students (and their families) time and money, while empowering the transfer student to accomplish his or her goals successfully and get to where they need to be.
Katie Henry-Schill, Admissions Counselor at College Mount Saint Mary College and St. Vincent's College; Student Affairs Coordinator at Concordia College-West Suburban College of Nursing

Lucia Tyler and Susan Henninger have written a thorough, concise, and valuable book that touches on all of the issues surrounding higher education transfers. If you or your child is stymied about whether and how to transfer, read this guide!
The chapters are organized so that you can immediately go to the specific issues related to your student. The vignettes will help you identify your own reasons why transfer might be recommended. An appendix with well-researched sources to refer to for transfer issues will answer a myriad of questions and save you weeks of surfing the web. I especially enjoyed the sections on financial management.
Tyler and Henninger tackle the thorny issues surrounding college transfer with diplomacy and understanding, confidently directing families to solid information. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this guide to anyone with a young adult in college.
Theresa Xia-Michna, Standardized testing and college essay coach; English teacher at the French American School of New York; former curriculum writer for the United Nations in Vienna

Transferring is the “black box” of college admissions. Trusted resources are few and rumors and contradictions abound. The Ultimate Guide to College Transfer by Lucia D. Tyler and Susan E. Henninger is the guidebook everyone has wanted someone else to write! It’s filled with actionable advice, real-life scenarios, timelines, to-do lists and much more. It belongs on every college counselor’s desk.
Lee Bierer, “Countdown to College” Weekly Columnist for Tribune Services and Independent College Counselor/President of College Admissions Strategies