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A Teacher's Inside Advice to Parents

How Children Thrive with Leadership, Love, Laughter, and Learning

Robert Ward

A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents: How Children Thrive with Leadership, Love, Laughter, and Learning explains how to support and inspire all kids towards success and satisfaction. When parents and teachers share common goals and methods to meet a child’s essential needs, this wraparound effect flows seamlessly from home to school and back again. This affirming, practical parenting approach provides expert insight for connecting with the classroom and influencing your child in four fundamental aspects:
  • Leadership supplies the appropriate guidelines and routines your child requires in order to feel a soothing sense of security, structure, and stability.
  • Love offers the attention, encouragement, and acceptance that create a strong bond of trust and open communication between you and your child.
  • Laughter adds the joy, excitement, and adventure that embolden and assist in your child’s personal exploration of creativity, purpose, and direction.
  • Learning develops and reinforces your child’s knowledge, wisdom, and skills vital for a contributing, self-sufficient life.
The Four Ls of Parenting directly lead to the cooperation, confidence, contentment, and capabilities parents and teachers both strive to foster in every child—all accomplished with increased efficacy and delight while nurturing and educating the kids they care about so deeply. « less more »
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 228Size: 6 1/4 x 9 1/4
978-1-4758-2289-2 • Hardback • October 2016 • $35.00 • (£23.95)
978-1-4758-2291-5 • eBook • October 2016 • $33.00 • (£22.95)
Robert Ward is a dedicated educator and champion of children who has taught English in public middle schools in Los Angeles for over twenty years. He is also the author of The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator: Inspire Your Students, Engage Your Class, Transform Your Teaching, as well as its companion workbook, The Teacher Tune-Up.

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Preface: The Powerful Influence of Parents and Teachers in Partnership
Introduction: Capitalizing on Commonality while Honoring Individuality
Part 1: Gaining Perspective
Chapter 1: Motivation is Always the Answer
Chapter 2: The Parent’s Perspective
Chapter 3: The Teacher’s Perspective
Chapter 4: The Child’s Perspective
Chapter 5: The Public’s Perspective
Chapter 6: The Concerns of Parents and Their Children
Chapter 7: The Concerns of Teachers and Their Students
Part 2: Achieving Proportion
Chapter 8: Avoiding Extremes, Insufficiencies, and Inconsistencies
Chapter 9: Addressing Extreme Behavior in Children
Chapter 10: Diffusing Conflicts between Parents and Teachers
Chapter 11: Straight Talk from the Teaching Trenches
Chapter 12: Achieving Balance
Part 3: Finding Answers by Asking the Right Questions
Chapter 13: Determining What is Really Going on Behind the Classroom Door
Chapter 14: Communicating with Teachers
Chapter 15: Looking Inward
Afterword: Looking Forward
About the Author
Teachers and parents need to be partners rather than advisers, according to this veteran educator. Ward examines the issues from all sides—parent, teacher, child, community—and urges a balance between leading and hovering, and between guiding and controlling. Parents, Ward states, need to supply their children with as the subtitle lists: 'leadership, love, laughter, and learning.' Teachers, for their part, must be, to quote another title of Ward’s, 'firm, fair, and fascinating facilitators.' He sets the bar high for all concerned (even the students) as he examines education from all four perspectives and then lists demands, needs, and concerns. Ward’s experience teaching English in public middle schools in L.A. comes into play in the book’s organization, thoroughness, and frequent 'In My Classroom' sidebars. He gives examples of remarkable student achievements and speaks confidently of every student’s ability to improve. The bottom line is that students learn self-control and self-confidence from parents and teachers who aren’t afraid to be the adults in the relationships. Both parents and teachers (and ultimately children) will benefit from Ward’s straightforward advice, clear objectives, and years of experience.

In an age of teacher burnout and frustrated parents, Robert Ward’s new book, A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents, is a must read, giving those who care about kids powerful strategies to bring back equilibrium to their homes and classrooms. This book addresses every child’s need for nurture and motivation, while also encouraging academic success. As their social-emotional skills are developed, children’s individual and cultural differences are celebrated as well. Personally, as an educator and parent, this book successfully works on both levels and will make all readers more effective in providing children with what they need most.
Owen M. Griffith, author of Gratitude: A Way of Teaching

Finally, someone lays out a concrete plan for creating a spirit of respect, encouragement, trust, and cooperation to facilitate learning at home and at school! Robert Ward provides helpful techniques for making the most of the parent-teacher relationship. If you have school-age children, you need the map to success that this book gives you.
Marney White, parent and teacher, New York City Teaching Fellows, New York

A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents is an essential part of every parent’s toolkit! Author and educator Robert Ward explains the myriad ways parents and teachers can collaborate to enable the student to engage, learn, perform, and achieve. As allies in education, the focus is on the whole child, and the outcome is greatness. Well worth the read!
Heather J. Lighston, parent and English teacher, Palmdale School District, California

Robert Ward has written a clear, practical guide for parents to help their children thrive academically and emotionally in partnership with their teachers. If you are worried that your child is not reaching his or her true potential, I urge you to read this book. Through Ward’s leadership, love, laughter, and learning approach, parents, children, and teachers form a winning team.
Naomi Manzella, parents and library media specialist, Norwood School, Maryland

A Teacher's Inside Advice to Parents necessarily connects parents with teachers as allies in their joint mission of educating youth. The unassuming voice of master teacher Robert Ward provides parents with resonating wisdom and pragmatic tips on how to provide the optimal conditions for their children to flourish in the classroom and in life.
Sarah Wu, parent, Palo Alto, California

Robert Ward’s credibility as a teacher, writer, and mentor speaks volumes in his latest book, A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents. He shares fresh insights and solutions for both parents and educators in supporting youth in today’s educational setting. Currently a classroom teacher himself, Robert’s discussions are relevant and right on target. I had the pleasure of being mentored by Robert, and his passion for teaching knows no bounds and is always infectious. While other teachers spent their lunch hours complaining about the educational system, a group of us hung out in Mr. Ward’s classroom brainstorming ways to be more effective to our students and their families. Robert is a like a breath of fresh air in a sometimes negative arena and brings with him a positive outlook on every area of teaching, parenting, and nurturing children.
Tami Pearsall, parent and instructor, California State University, Northridge

I have worked with hundreds of educators during my thirty-two years in education, and I can count on one hand those with Robert Ward's level of expertise. I worked with Robert for over twenty years, and it was a pleasure to see his level of commitment and consistent quality of instruction. He knows very well that parents are crucial partners in educating children, and this is the book to facilitate that process.
Lorna Bounds, parent and retired Assistant Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District, California

Robert Ward has found a way to bring parents and teachers together to help students find greater success and satisfaction in the classroom, as well as at home. In this book, both parties will discover complementary approaches to nurture and educate children, while also lowering the frustrations of all involved.
Donald C. Helvey, parent and teacher, Meridian School, Utah

From one parent to another, one thing I'm sure of is that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ As a mother of three, my greatest allies have been my children’s teachers. A Teacher’s Inside Advice to Parents will give you the tools to be a better partner in your child's education.
Linda Armstrong, parent, Los Angeles, California

Robert Ward was an inspiration to me during my first year teaching at a very challenging school in South Los Angeles. He is a teacher who managed to be gentle and caring, while also firm. His high expectations raised up all of his students and set a model for the rest of us to follow. Now that I am a parent, I am even more impressed by his structured, supportive approach. Parents and teachers alike can benefit from his lessons to help all children thrive.
Ingrid Brennan, parent and teacher, Oxnard Union High School District, California

Having dedicated his life to teaching, there is no one more qualified than Robert Ward to help parents become powerful, positive advocates for their own children. Ward’s practical wisdom shows parents how they can help their children develop into responsible, healthy, independent individuals.
Steven Ford, veteran English teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District, California

Invaluable insight for parents on how to better collaborate and communicate with the classroom! You will come to rely on Ward’s menus of essential questions parents can ask their children, their teachers, and themselves in order to transform the home-school connection into the rewarding experience it was meant to be.
Katie Hong, parent and assistant principal, Los Angeles Unified School District, California