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The Teacher Tune-Up

A Workbook and Discussion Guide for How to Become a Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator

Robert Ward

The opportunity for teachers to take control of their professional growth is at hand! This workbook was written by a current classroom teacher who knows the difference between useful, engaging professional development and insulting, interminable inservices. It contains twenty intriguing, interactive activities created to complement your reading experience of The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator and for you to evolve into a successful, satisfied Four F’s teacher.
These invaluable exercises are ready to go for a complete series of individualized, small group, or whole staff professional development options. Designed for teachers of all subjects and at all phases of their careers, you will find yourself often returning to these activities whenever you need to self-reflect, self-evaluate, or shore up your classroom confidence. Through the discussion guides, you will also have several spirited, searching conversations, either with your colleagues or within the privacy of your own thoughts, which will challenge and assist you in refining and articulating your personal opinions about a wide range of educational issues. Critical thinking, introspection, and empowerment are at the core of this workbook’s goals.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 146Size: 7 x 10
978-1-4758-2287-8 • Paperback • December 2015 • $30.00 • (£19.95)
978-1-4758-2288-5 • eBook • December 2015 • $28.00 • (£18.95)
Robert Ward has been an English teacher and mentor at a public middle school in Los Angeles for over twenty years. He is also the author of The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator: Inspire Your Students, Engage Your Class, Transform Your Teaching.
Section 1: Self-Reflection
Activity 1: My Personal Teaching Goals
Activity 2: Data and Formal Research
Activity 3: Non-Productive Students’ States of Mind
Activity 4: Where I Am—My Professional Growth Self-Assessment
Section 2: Exploring Firmness
Activity 5: Why No Teacher Should Take Firmness for Granted
Activity 6: A Sample Day One Scenario
Activity 7: Student Expectations and the Pathways to Success
Activity 8: What Do I Do When…?
Activity 9: Sponges
Activity 10: A Scenario in Firmness
Activity 11: The Consequences of Dwindling Consequences
Section 3: Exploring Fairness
Activity 12: Punish Only the Guilty
Activity 13: Being Careful Not to Take Fairness Too Far
Section 4: Exploring Fascination
Activity 14: Teaching with Passion
Activity 15: Teacher Autonomy
Activity 16: The True Meaning of Accountability
Section 5: Exploring Facilitation
Activity 17: Big Ideas and Essential Questions
Activity 18: Pairs and Groups
Activity 19: Using Inquiry to Deeply Comprehend Challenging Text
Section 6: Self-Confidence
Activity 20: Where I Stand—My Professional Mission Statement
About the Author
A tirelessly committed teacher whose ability to design and delivery highly effective curriculum is only surpassed by his eagerness and willingness to share his craft with colleagues. I would not be the educator I am today without Robert Ward’s guidance.
Barret Graf, teacher and Achieve3000 Curriculum and Implementation Development Specialist, California

‘Be a guide on the side, not a sage on the stage.’ As educators, we have all heard these words and taken them to heart, but let's face it...easier said than done. Robert Ward's The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator and companion workbook The Teacher Tune-Up are essential tools enabling self-reflection upon one's own teaching practices, sharpening of one's skills, and rediscovering one's passion and purpose for entering the profession. No 21st century classroom should be without Ward's practical manuals which both mentor the ‘rookie’ teacher and reinvigorate the ‘veteran’ while fostering student independence, critical thinking, respect, and rapport within the classroom. A+ for Mr. Ward!
Heather J. Lighston, parent and English teacher, Palmdale School District, California

The methodology in Robert Ward’s The Teacher Tune-Up has evolved from years of experience in the teaching trenches. This book is for every teacher — whether you are just starting out in the classroom or have taught for years; whether you are teaching homeroom or special subjects. Using intense self-evaluation and clear instruction, becoming a firm, fair, fascinating facilitator will show you how to manage your classroom, build rapport with your students, create engaging lessons, and help students reach their potential. The Four F's enabled me to analyze and reevaluate my teaching goals, infusing new energy and joy into my classes.
Naomi Manzella, parents and library media specialist, Norwood School, Maryland