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The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator

Inspire your Students, Engage your Class, Transform your Teaching

Robert Ward

Finally become the teacher you always dreamed of—and the teacher your students always needed.
This is the book every educator has waited for! A current classroom teacher honestly and empathetically addresses the struggles and frustrations teachers face today, while also offering straightforward, realistic solutions and sound strategies to meet those challenges head on with renewed confidence, enthusiasm, and efficacy.
This book illustrates a commonsense, multi-dimensional teaching approach that consistently attends to the essential needs of all students by motivating them on four fundamental fronts:

  • Firmness provides safety, security, and structure that engenders courteous student cooperation and orderly classroom management.
  • Fairness fosters caring, community, and recognition that supports a strong teacher-student rapport and personalized attention.
  • Fascination delivers passion, pertinence, and peer interaction that evokes sustained student engagement and investment.
  • Facilitation furnishes differentiated lessons and formative feedback that ensures increased student achievement and independence.

Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator simultaneously supplies all four of these indispensable student necessities because every child requires leadership and limits, understanding and encouragement, meaning and inspiration, as well as excellent instruction in order to reach their full potential. This book has it all because our students need it all!
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 260Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/2
978-1-4758-2283-0 • Hardback • December 2015 • $80.00 • (£52.95)
978-1-4758-2284-7 • Paperback • November 2015 • $36.00 • (£24.95)
978-1-4758-2285-4 • eBook • November 2015 • $34.00 • (£23.95)
Robert Ward has been an English teacher and mentor at a public middle school in Los Angeles for over twenty years. He is also the author of The Teacher Tune-Up: A Workbook and Discussion Guide for How to Become a Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator.
Preface: Transforming Teaching Ideals into Classroom Realities
Introduction: My Journey into the Heart of Teaching
Chapter 1: What’s “In It” for All of Us?
Chapter 2: The Students Who Need the Most Motivation
Chapter 3: Attitudes and Abilities—Self-Esteem and Self-Efficacy
Chapter 4: Establishing Firmness
Chapter 5: Maintaining Firmness
Chapter 6: Re-Asserting Firmness
Chapter 7: Expressing Fairness
Chapter 8: Embracing Fairness
Chapter 9: Engendering Fascination
Chapter 10: Enriching Fascination
Chapter 11: Enabling Facilitation
Chapter 12: Executing Facilitation
Chapter 13: Rising to the Occasion
Afterword: What Was “In It” for Me
About the Author
The Firm, Fair, Fascinating Facilitator is the perfect book for anyone that understands that compassion, empathy, a sense of humor, true knowledge, and experience gained in teaching children is an art that few are blessed to come by naturally and others can only hope to learn and appreciate. Robert Ward is among the finest examples of an individual who embodies true artistry in teaching and through his first book allows others to understand, experience, and embrace the skills and riches that creative and committed teachers bring to their classrooms daily.
Irvin Howard, professor emeritus, director of Grant Programs, California League of Schools

A candid and effective step-by-step guide on how to survive the trials, tears, and triumphs of the teaching profession.
Katie Hong, parent and assistant principal, Los Angeles Unified School District, California

Robert Ward's techniques have helped me from my very first day as a teacher. His emphasis on firmness reinforced by fairness fosters integrity in the classroom.
Tony Wilson, English teacher, Fullerton School District, California

Robert Ward's approach to teaching is uniquely inspiring, empowering teachers and students alike. Rather than being at odds with one another, they become partners on a fascinating journey together. Following Robert's recommendations helped me become a highly effective teacher.
Steven Ford, veteran English teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District, California