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Launch a Teaching Career

Secrets for Aspiring Teachers

Peter P. Leibman

This is the perfect time to become a full-time teacher and yet too many college graduates who majored in education, or corporate workers looking to transition to teaching, cannot secure a teaching position. Where are the opportunities? How do you market yourself appropriately? In Launch a Teaching Career: Secrets for Aspiring Teachers, Dr. Peter Leibman explains in great detail how to avoid the resume pile, enhance your candidacy, and move to the head of the class. A step-by-step plan of action is presented giving you a comprehensive guide to achieve your goal of becoming a teacher. You will learn how to:

• Build a positive reputation as an undergraduate student
• Effectively transition from the corporate world
• Develop a powerful network of supporters
• Write a dynamic broadcast letter designed to get you more interviews
• Avoid resume pitfalls and present yourself in a professional manner
• Ace the interview by taking control
• Learn where the job opportunities really are
• Enhance your position and impress school administrators
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 220Size: 6 1/2 x 9 1/4
978-1-4758-1706-5 • Hardback • June 2015 • $63.00 • (£42.95)
978-1-4758-1707-2 • Paperback • June 2015 • $32.00 • (£22.95)
978-1-4758-1708-9 • eBook • June 2015 • $31.99 • (£22.95)
Peter P. Leibman, EdD, is associate professor and Supervisor of Student Teachers at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights, New York where St. Francis College graduates are securing full-time teaching positions in record numbers. Dr. Leibman has served as school principal (K–12), Director of Planning in central office, and President of the Principals’ Association on Long Island in an extensive career.

About the Author
Chapter 1: Why is this the best time to become a teacher?
  • Unemployment and the economy
  • Population trends
  • Job prospects: general
  • Additional education positions
  • Reciprocal certification
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 2: Characteristics of effective teachers
  • Makes learning relevant
  • The ability to speak publicly
  • Create a positive learning environment
  • Check the prejudice at the door
  • Create occasions for success
  • See everyone
  • Think outside the box
  • See your students through dont see through them
  • Technological expertise
  • The ability to anticipate
  • Be able to make accommodations
  • Understand the impact of your presentation
  • Be well organized
  • Be a motivator
  • Be an advocate
  • Be a team player
  • Be adaptable
  • Be patient
  • Why do you want to be a teacher?
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 3: Pre-graduation advice for future teachers
  • The plan
  • Coursework
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer
  • Observation Hours
  • Dual Certification
  • Work with children
  • Professionalism
  • Student Teaching
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 4: Transitioning from corporate to teaching
  • Why is a career changer an attractive candidate?
  • The certification route for career changers
  • Why do people make the transition to teaching?
  • How do you know if teaching is right for you?
  • Assess your teaching potential
  • Incentive programs for career changers
  • Five compelling stories of career changers
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 5: The Teacher Certification Process
  • Finding the right school
  • Graduate schools
  • Your GPA
  • General requirements for certification
  • What is edTPA?
  • What is Praxis?
  • General test taking secrets
  • State Departments of Education
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 6: Networking for a teaching job
  • How are most jobs filled?
  • We recommend people we like and will do a good job
  • Who are your potential network members?
  • Get organized
  • LinkedIn
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 7: The Broadcast Letter
  • Where should the focus really be?
  • What can the letter achieve?
  • Major pitfalls in letter submission
  • Components of the broadcast letter
  • Sample letters
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 8: The Resume
  • Negative resume factors Poor resume samples
  • Good resume samples
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 9: The Interview Process
  • You have the interview. Now what?
  • Research is the key
  • Your appearance
  • The night before the interview
  • The morning of the interview
  • Observe, observe, observe
  • Be confident
  • What is the principal looking for?
  • Your answers
  • Your questions
  • The close
  • The demo lesson
  • The follow-up note
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Chapter 10: You Have the Job: Now What?
  • Be proactive
  • The parents elementary level
  • The parents adolescent level
  • Discipline problems
  • Support staff
  • Teaching potentially controversial topics
  • Professionalism
  • School law
  • Grading
  • Graduate School
  • Professional organizations
  • Questions and Answers with the author
Launch a Teaching Career: Secrets for Aspiring Teachers is undoubtedly the very best book of its' kind. For current teacher candidates, it is the bible for launching your career. Dr. Leibman not only lists and explains all the very best ways to get your first teaching position, but he describes what new teachers can and must do in order to begin their careers in the most successful way. For undergraduate students, student teachers, and even new teachers, this book is an absolute most!
Dr. Robert Berman, Retired School Principal, Middle Country School District, Professor - Concordia College

Required reading for the college graduate looking for a new direction, the disenchanted individual
searching for a challenging career transition, or the early retiree seeking a new adventure.
a Teaching Career: Secrets for Aspiring Teachers
is an insightful blending of idealism and practical common sense. Dr. Leibman has made an important contribution to those interested in making teaching a career path.

Dr. Robert Muccigrosso, Retired Assistant Superintendent, Diocese of Brooklyn, Former Chairperson of the Education Department at St. Francis College

Dr. Leibman has a true love of teaching and, as a teacher of teachers, has found the formula for new teachers to get jobs and be successful and effective in those jobs. This book is a step-by-step guide for anyone seeking a teaching position. Read it all the way through and then refer to it often throughout your job search.
Sally Rushmore, Managing Editor, New Teacher Advocate for Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education

This is an excellent guide providing all of the steps that you need to take to become a teacher. Dr.
Leibman has covered all the bases in providing a dynamic, step-by-step analysis for entry and success in the field of pedagogy.

Dr. Reinhardt Greismer, Retired Assistant Superintendent, Southampton Schools; Retired Superintendent, Amagansett Schools

Dr. Leibman is a dedicated educator with a wealth of experience as teacher, administrator and professor. His book reflects an accumulation of considerable knowledge and is a must-read for anyone pursuing a career in teaching.
Dr. Richard Giaquinto, Chairperson, Education Department at St. Francis College

Early on in his new book Peter Leibman states: 'I wrote this book because I believe there is no more rewarding career than being a teacher.' This remark sums up my experience of Peter, and of the book: honest, direct, disarming in his passion for teaching as a profession and for his students as people who deserve full, rewarding careers. He brings to bear extensive research and data that support his contention that teaching, far from a fading career path, is actually on the cusp of a wonderful transformation. But, his contribution is rooted not in those numbers, but in his enthusiasm for his profession and his persistent drive to help people dream for themselves, and then to lay out practical paths to achieve those dreams.
Dr. Timothy J. Houlihan, Provost, St. Francis College

Passionate educator and mentor Peter Leibman provides a comprehensive road map for securing a teaching position for anyone interested in a career in education. Each chapter of Launch a Teaching Career: Secrets for Aspiring Teachers describes the considerations and actions necessary for becoming a teacher, from pre-service advice to networking and interviewing, to contemplating next steps once employed whether entering the job market through a traditional preparation program or earning certification as a career changer. At a time of shrinking school budgets and competitive hiring practices, Leibman's thorough and compassionate approach to securing a teaching job makes this book and invaluable resource.
Faye Snodgress, KAPPA DELTA PI, Executive Director