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Career Errors

Straight Talk about the Steps and Missteps of Career Development

Frank Burtnett

Career Errors: Straight Talk About the Steps and Missteps of Career Development examines the career development encounters that people experience across their life-span. The book begins with a comprehensive examination of the career development process and why these eight phases must be understood in order for career satisfaction and success to be achieved. This analysis is followed by a meticulous treatment of 25 things members of the workforce “do wrong” or “don’t do” in pursuit of our career ambitions. Conducting an effective job search, dealing with job loss or termination, and how best to prosper in the workplace, are among the subjects included. Throughout the book, the author sets life-work balance as a paramount goal and outlines strategies about how this illusive objective can be achieved.

Career Errors is the next best thing to having a professional career counselor in the room. While written for the individual experiencing the various life and work activities, this book is also of significant value to counselors, educators, and others playing important roles in these transitions.
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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Pages: 170Size: 6 x 9
978-1-4758-0750-9 • Hardback • August 2014 • $32.00 • (£22.95)
978-1-4758-2118-5 • Paperback • June 2015 • $22.00 • (£14.95)
978-1-4758-0752-3 • eBook • August 2014 • $20.00 • (£13.95)
Frank Burtnett is a counseling and counselor education veteran who writes for individuals who are experiencing career and education transitions. His books offer current and concise information and pragmatic guidance and are packed with strategies about how to navigate the transitions that lead to career success and satisfaction.


Part 1 –Entering, Reentering, and Moving about the World of Work

Chapter 1 – Clueless about How the Career Development Process Works
Chapter 2 – Sub Par Decision-making Leading to Catastrophic Consequences
Chapter 3 – A Good Search Spoiled
Chapter 4 – Unknown Occupations are Off the Career Radar
Chapter 5 – Missed or Failed Education, Training, and Retraining Opportunities
Chapter 6 – Inability to Find or Use Good Information
Chapter 7 – Over-aspiring and Under-aspiring with Troubled Results
Chapter 8 – Ignorance of Human Resources and Life Experiences as Career Teachers
Chapter 9 – The Perils of Poor Time and Calendar Organization
Chapter 10 – Failure to Use Professional Counselors

Part 2 – Finding, Acquiring, and Moving into the First or Any Job

Chapter 11 – Inadequate Job Search Practices
Chapter 12 – A Killer Resume and You are the Deceased
Chapter 13 – The Interview that Explodes
Chapter 14 – Poor Writing Resulting in Poor Documents
Chapter 15 – Avoiding the Now What Dilemma
Chapter 16 - You Didn’t Get the Job and Don’t Know Why
Chapter 17 – To Accept or Not Accept, the Job Offer that Is
Chapter 18 – Coping with New Job Anxieties and Stresses
Chapter 19 – Insufficient Encounters with Career Helpers

Part 3 – Achieving Career Satisfaction and Dealing with the Occasional Crisis

Chapter 20 – Blundered Growth, Mobility, and Maintenance Opportunities
Chapter 21 – Inability to Achieve Life-Work Balance
Chapter 22 – Faulty Treatment of Termination, Job Loss, and Other Career Dilemmas
Chapter 23 – Ignoring the Knowledge Explosion

Part 4 – Winding Down Exiting Career

Chapter 24 – Poor Posturing for Career End and Retirement
Chapter 25 – Mishandling Change Late in Career

This resource examines the development encounters that people experience across the life span. It begins with a comprehensive examination of the process and why these phrases must be understood for career satisfaction and success to be achieved. A meticulous treatment of 25 things members of the workforce 'do wrong' or 'don't do' in pursuit of career ambitions is also included. Conducting an effective job search, dealing with job loss and prospering in the workplace are among the other subjects. Throughout, the author sets life-work balance as a paramount goal and outlines strategies for achieving this illusive objective.
Counseling Today

If you want to know where your job search or career path went wrong, author Frank Burtnett is ready to tell you. A counseling professional whose background includes student services and admissions work, Burtnett writes as if he is addressing students directly – not in the 'I'm your pal' way that we've come to associate with this genre, but in the 'You'd better listen because this is your life' tone that I wish more people would use. . . .[I]t would be a good bet for parents or mentors, who can glean good advice to offer for perplexing problems.
Pioneer Press

Career Errors runs the gamut of challenges people face throughout their career development. Frank Burtnett offers sound counsel to readers across the life-span about how to address these matters and ultimately achieve life-work balance.
Pat Turner, CEO and founder, Employment Marketplace

Frank Burtnett calls upon his experiences as a professional counselor and counselor educator to provide the advice, guidance, and nuances of career development issues that must be addressed if personal satisfaction is to be achieved. His “straight talk” approach is candid and refreshing.
Richard Yep, certified association executive; executive director of the American Counseling Association

Career Errors is packed with the things we “do wrong” or “fail to do” in the pursuit of career success. Frank Burtnett’s conversational style of writing is like having a counselor in the room. Everyone picking up this book will see themselves on its pages.
William E. Cox, president and CEO of Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine

The author's wisdom is priceless...few have seen so much with such clarity, insight and hope.
Rich Feller, Ph.D., past president of the National Career Development Association and Professor and University Distinguished Teaching Scholar at Colorado State University